Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf vol. 2 - Release Info

Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf vol. 2
Release Date: March 26, 2024
Price: 748 Yen

In the Gundam universe, a new chapter begins with the release of "Mobile Suit Gundam Werewolf Volume 2," which will be available on March 26, 2024. This manga, priced at a reasonable 748 Yen, promises to immerse readers in a compelling story that combines mecha action with a whodunit mystery.

The plot takes up after a shocking discovery: the "murdered corpse" of Rasaid Glendon, the famed ace pilot of the "Hecate" team, is discovered inside a Gundam cockpit. This extraordinary scenario of a secret chamber murder causes bewilderment and anxiety among the staff. In response, Captain Lycus Freyberg adopts an unusual method, organizing a "vote" to identify the culprit among them.

The stakes are high, as a false charge could lead to an unfair "hanging." As a result, Sergeant Makami Talbot, along with Captain Freyberg, conducts a thorough investigation. Their mission is not only to discover the truth about Glendon's death, but also to traverse the complex web of relationships and betrayals, all while establishing their innocence and revealing the true werewolf lurking among them.

"Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf" is a masterpiece created by the collaborative efforts of writer Yasushi Shigenobu and illustrator Kei Ito, with Ukyo Kodachi serving as an advisor. The series, published by Kadokawa in the prestigious Gundam Ace magazine, has captivated readers since its first volume debuted on May 25, 2023. Its serialization in the monthly Gundam ACE comic magazine has only added to the expectation and excitement for future releases.

Volume 2 of "Mobile Suit Gundam Wearwolf" offers an increase in suspense, strategy, and the iconic Gundam mechanized warfare. As friendships form and secrets emerge, readers will be on the edge of their seats, eager to know the identity of the werewolf. This book exemplifies the creative storytelling that can be produced by combining the legendary Gundam universe with the gripping dynamics of a murder investigation.

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