Mobile Suit Gundam Red Giant 03rd MS Team Vol. 2 - Release Info

Mobile Suit Gundam Red Giant 03rd MS Team Vol. 2
Release Date: March 26, 2024
Price: 748 Yen

In the great expanse of the "One Year War," a new chapter begins on the South American front, offering a narrative twist that promises to add depth and complexity to the Gundam universe. December UC0079 is a watershed event when a beaten Zeon squad retreating across the continent in the hopes of reaching space faces an unexpected and strong adversary: the "Azhdaha."

Amidst the tumult, the Earth Federation's "Red Giant 03rd MS Team" arises, bringing levels of intrigue and strategy to the war. This team, commonly known as the "Three Red Giants," is a distinct mobile suit unit in the Earth Federation Forces. Despite their self-proclaimed moniker, they are officially known as the 17th Independent Mechanized Combined Unit, or the "Ralph Team."

The abrupt advent of the "Azhdaha" faction adds a third force to the classic Federation vs. Zeon dynamic, upsetting established power structures and alliances. This new faction's intentions, capabilities, and ultimate aims remain unknown, paving the way for heated fights and strategic maneuvers.

"Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Giant 03rd MS Team" is a gripping manga series written by Ryouji Kansai, with visually stunning art by Tatsuma Eijiri. Published in Kadokawa's famed Gundam Ace magazine, the series promises action-packed sequences, intricate story developments, and in-depth character examinations.

The story revolves around the "Red Giant 03rd MS Team," describing their trials, victories, and the bonds that grow among team members in the face of adversity. As they face the Azhdaha and negotiate the difficult terrain of South America, the team's resolve and strategy will be tested to the limit.

This manga series is a must-read for both Gundam fans and beginners, providing a unique viewpoint on the difficulties of war, the nuances of devotion and competition, and the unwavering pursuit of peace and justice in a cosmos ripped apart by violence.

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