MGSD Freedom Gundam (Clear Color) - Release Info

MGSD Freedom Gundam (Clear Color)
The Gundam Base Limited
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 4,290 Yen

Gundam Base has announced the approaching release of a limited edition masterpiece: the MGSD Freedom Gundam [Clear Color]. This exclusive item, set to be released in May, demonstrates Gundam Base's commitment to providing its global community with unique and highly sought-after collectibles.

Here are some of the standout features of this limited edition release:

Clear Color Molding: The use of clear plastic materials allows for a stunning view of the internal mechanisms, making this model a visual feast for the eyes and a showcase of engineering marvel.
Compact yet Detailed: With an overall height of approximately 115mm, this model packs an incredible amount of detail into a compact size, making it both a space-efficient collector's item and a detailed representation of the iconic Freedom Gundam.
Advanced Mobility: The MGSD Freedom Gundam [Clear Color] boasts numerous movable parts and gimmicks. The model achieves smooth movement through the many parts of its internal frame, enhanced by the model's design for increased articulation.
Enhanced Articulation: From a highly movable head on three axes to multiple movable axes in the torso for wide-ranging movement, and from an increased range of motion in the legs to a sophisticated shoulder joint with a swing mechanism, every part of this model is designed for dynamic poses.
Special Gimmicks: The model features unique gimmicks, such as an extension mechanism in the forearm for deep bending of the arms and an interlocking & extension gimmick on the thighs, ensuring the knee armor and vernier work in harmony for an extended range of motion. Additionally, the toe movement is designed to support a natural kneeling position, a remarkable achievement for an SD model.
Enhanced Color: Some of its parts are provided with pearl finishing, providing the kit some luxurious touch and extra display impact.


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