Introducing the Gunpla Skills Test at Gundam Base: Elevating Your Building Experience

The Gunpla Skills Test is a new milestone event in the ever-changing world of Gunpla, announced during "HYPER PLAMO Fes.2024". This innovative test event is designed to change the way fans interact with their favorite hobby, making Gundam plastic models (Gunpla). The Gunpla community is buzzing with anticipation as Gundam Base Tokyo, Gundam Base Fukuoka, and GUNDAM SIDE-F prepare to launch in the summer of 2024. Here's all you should know about this wonderful development.

The Gunpla abilities Test is a comprehensive evaluation that evaluates and improves the building abilities required for appreciating the art of Gunpla. Whether you're a beginner trying to learn the ropes or an experienced builder looking to improve your skills, this test claims to provide a disciplined approach to mastering the trade.

The official Gundam Base YouTube channel also featured a teaser of the GunPla Skills Test.

Participants will be tested on a number of abilities considered necessary for the fun and mastery of Gunpla construction. While the specifics of the testing criteria and methodology have yet to be published, the event is expected to encompass everything from fundamental assembly procedures to advanced customization and detailing abilities.

The test will initially be available at three prestigious locations: Gundam Base Tokyo, Gundam Base Fukuoka, and GUNDAM SIDE-F. These venues are renowned for their dedication to the Gunpla community, offering an ideal setting for this pioneering skills assessment. The launch is planned for the summer of 2024, with further details to be released on the Gundam Base official website, X, and during the "Wednesday Gunpla Classroom" sessions.

The Gunpla Skills Test provides a unique chance for builders to formally evaluate and improve their Gunpla construction skills. It's an opportunity to recognize your talents, discover places for progress, and eventually get acknowledgment for your abilities. Additionally, the exam is expected to generate a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, as builders of all skill levels gather to celebrate their love of Gunpla.

In conjunction with the introduction of the Gunpla Skills Test, it's worth noting the benefits of being a member of THE GUNDAM BASE. Members receive a range of rewards, including special access to select items and events. Members can take advantage of these and other benefits by purchasing qualified products from Gundam Base Tokyo/Fukuoka, GUNDAM SIDE-F, and Premium Bandai (HOBBY ONLINE SHOP, THE GUNDAM BASE ONLINE SHOP).


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