Gundam SEED Freedom Marks 60th Screening Day with Exciting New Visual Release

Featuring Mighty Strike Freedom Gundam, and Black Knight Squad Cal-re.A

Adding to the excitement around the successful screening of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom, the film's second major visual has been revealed by the official Gundam SEED (X account) formerly Twitter, much to the delight of fans who eagerly await each new piece of content. To honor the release, a special offer has been launched, with fans eligible to win a B2 size poster featuring the second key image. Five lucky people will be chosen through a lottery.

How to Enter the Giveaway:
Follow: Interested participants should follow @SEED_HDRP on Twitter.
Repost: Repost their post about the new Key Visual.
Deadline: Entries will be accepted until April 1, 23:59 JST.


Set in the Cosmic Era year 75, the story continues amid persistent battles for independence and invading threats from Blue Cosmos. In an effort to calm the situation, a global peacekeeping organization called Compass is founded, with Lacus Clyne serving as its first president. Kira Yamato and his allies fight in a variety of battles as members of Compass. Amid these disputes, the Emerging Countries Foundation offers a coordinated operation with Compass to take down Blue Cosmos' headquarters, setting the stage for an epic clash.

WORLDWIDE REACH (see schedules)

The excitement around "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" is not limited to Japan. The film will be released internationally, allowing it to reach a wider audience. The movie will be released in 56 countries and territories, demonstrating the Gundam franchise's massive global appeal.

As of March 25th, 2024, more than 15 countries, including the United States, Philippines, and Hong Kong, have confirmed screenings of "Gundam SEED Freedom." This widespread release demonstrates the global community's unwavering enthusiasm for the Gundam saga, ensuring that fans all over the world will soon experience the latest chapter in this epic narrative.

"Gundam SEED Freedom" looks to be an exciting addition to the Gundam franchise, combining furious action, complex storytelling, and the universal struggle for peace and independence. Fans old and new are encouraged to share in the thrill as this cinematic trip unfolds around the world.


As of March 18th, 2024, the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" has shattered box office records in Japan, grossing an astonishing 4 billion yen (approximately $26.8 million USD) from 2.37 million domestic ticket sales since its debut on January 26, 2024. This blockbuster success not only demonstrates the film's widespread appeal, but it also represents a watershed event in the franchise's illustrious history.

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