GFFMC Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude (15th Anniversary Special Sale) - Release Info

GFFMC Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude (15th Anniversary Special Sale)
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 33,000 Yen

Release Date: May 2020
Price: 29,700 Yen

The highly anticipated Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude will be re-released in May 2024 as a big gesture to commemorate the Tamashii Nations' 15th anniversary. This special edition, which marks an important milestone in the company's history, will be available through a unique lottery sale on the Tamashii Nations online store from March 18th to March 26th, 2024. The price of this masterpiece has been raised to 33,000 Yen, up from the prior 2020 price of 29,700.

The Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude, designed by the acclaimed Katoki Hajime, exemplifies the Gundam series' enduring appeal and ongoing growth. It pays homage to the original Wing Gundam Zero EW design while debuting the unique Seraphim bindings. These additional enhancements, along with "Neue Zwerg" buster equipment, dramatically increase the figure's firepower. The model's Neo Bird mode changes the Seraphim Binders into flight wings, adding a new touch to the classic design.

Packed with Detailed Accessories
This figure does not skimp on accessories, ensuring fans can fully immerse themselves in the Gundam experience. It includes:
  • Replacement wrist sets (left and right) x 3 each
  • Twin Buster Rifle
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Neue Zwerg x 6
  • Seraphim Unit
  • Shield
  • Various joint sets
  • An exclusive stage set
The figure is accompanied by a promotional video that provides a 360-degree perspective as well as extensive insights into its transformation capabilities and the strategic positioning of new equipment.

Katoki Hajime's unique decals add sharpness and realism to the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude, evocative of the Real Grade kit designs. This detailing emphasizes the figure's premium status and its role as a tribute to the rich history of the Gundam Wing series.

The 15th anniversary edition of the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude will be available through a special lottery sale method, demonstrating Tamashii Nations' commitment to provide memorable experiences for its fans. Lottery entries will be taken on the Tamashii Nations online store between March 18th and March 26th, 2024, with winners announced on March 27th. Successful candidates will be contacted immediately with purchase details, providing a unique and exciting opportunity to own a piece of Gundam history.


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