GFFMC Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude - Release Info

Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite [GFFMC] Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude
Release Date: May 2020
Price: 29,700 Yen

Tamashii Nations is prepared to fire the emotions of Gundam enthusiasts all around the world with the announcement of the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude pre-order, which will begin on November 21, 2019, at 16:00 JST. This launch is more than just another contribution to the Gundam universe; it's a tribute to a journey that began 25 years ago. Since its premiere on television in April 1995, the Gundam Wing series has grown, culminating in its most recent "Frozen Teardrop" manga serialization. The Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude represents this rich heritage and pays tribute to the franchise's long legacy.

The figure was redesigned by the renowned Katoki Hajime and is inspired on the original Wing Gundam Zero EW. This model, however, features extra wings known as Seraphim binders, which set a new visual standard for the series. The Seraphim binders are more than just for show; they are holstered with the new "Neue Zwerg" buster equipment, which increases the unit's firepower when placed on the Twin Buster Rifle.

Loaded with Accessories and Features
The figure comes equipped with an impressive array of accessories, ensuring a customizable and immersive experience. These include:
  • Replacement wrist sets (left and right) x 3 each
  • Twin Buster Rifle
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Neue Zwerg x 6
  • Seraphim Unit
  • Shield
  • Various joint sets
  • An exclusive stage set

A promotional film provides viewers with a 360-degree picture of the unit, highlighting the precise positioning of the new equipment. The transforming gimmick and many modes are also discussed, along with full explanations of their functions.

The Signature Katoki Touch

True to Katoki Hajime's reputation, the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude is adorned with signature decals, offering sharp detailing and a more realistic appearance akin to the designs of the Real Grade kit. This attention to detail ensures that the figure not only celebrates the legacy of Gundam Wing but also represents the pinnacle of model craftsmanship.

Tamashii Nations has also hinted at plans to release updated versions of the figurine. While details are scant, information about the new design and features will be released whenever they are finished, guaranteeing an exciting future for series fans.

As the Gundam Wing franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary, the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude exemplifies the series' ongoing appeal and capacity to inspire innovation while remaining true to its beginnings. Fans old and young will find plenty to appreciate in this latest installment of the Gundam universe, which continues to expand and capture minds all around the world.



  1. "Plans for releasing its upgraded versions are also in its process. Information about the new design will be slated ones finalized."

    Literally advertising "this isn't even my final form." The original release it spectacular, the Seraphim Units look like a really interesting gimmick, but it's hard to bite when you know the next version is the actual one we have been waiting for and will likely be even MORE expensive.

    1. Not even trying to hide that it is a cash grab.

    2. The next one will probably be the Wing Gundam Snow White epilogue "Lucifer Unit" using the Proto wing zero if they were to follow the naming scheme of the side story of Tiel's Impulse, or give the Lucifer title to either a new Epyon variant or a new Death Scythe variant with new gear and gimmicks.

  2. Even using the insert art to advertise this. This is the Canon Snow White according to this...

    I was looking forward to this but this is just a cash grab. Makes me mad that it is by $200 compared to the Wing Zero GFFMC. This release having even more with it.

  3. Blah : hater gonna hate. Does bandai force you to buy it ?

    1. I hate it as I waited half a decade to see this design and it isn't even the real thing. My criticism of it is entirely fair. The Wing Zero GFFMC cost $200 more than this, yet this release is cheaper yet has more to it. The only thing new to this release compared to Wing Zero is a new paint job and the Seraphim Wings. The Zwergs just have minor retools.

      I think it is fair to call out something like this for what it is. As they even said they will release "upgraded" versions of this down the line. Fans of Snow White are wanting those releases as that is the Snow White we have read about. Frozen Teardrop is disappointing enough with how weird and crazy it got. The designs are really the only thing it has going for it as they were hidden, thus hyping them up.

      But to make this short, I'd have been fine with this release if the wings and weapons were different. As that has been the design theme so far, same body but different wings and weapons. Snow White is supposed to use a crossbow type of rifle that uses 7 cartridges that each have different effects. The wings I can't honestly say what they looked like as the cover is just a fill in art. But those wings were floating separate pieces and obviously different from Wing Zero's wings.

      Sorry for the long response, but I wanted to get it all down as I don't plan to respond to the next thing you said as I aired my reasons enough, and what you say won't change my mind.

  4. BTW, I just ordered 6 of this from P-bandai. Is anyone interested of it?

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