Gundam SEED Freedom Continues to Dominate the Box Office, with 2.68 Billion Yen Earnings in Just Over Two Weeks

Grandpa Gundam is very proud!

In an astounding display of its ongoing appeal, the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom" film has had a significant effect at the box office, selling 1.63 million tickets, and grossing around 2.68 billion yen (roughly $17.8 million USD) in just over two weeks of screening in Japan. This enormous feat is further underscored by the film's improved viewing experience in the 4DX version, not including its successful release in Thailand, where it also topped the box office.

"Gundam SEED Freedom," which premiered on January 26th in Japan, has captivated local viewers and is set for widespread international distribution in 56 countries and territories. This tremendous expectation is likely to propel the picture to new heights, potentially breaking another record for the Gundam franchise.

The film's financial success outperforms "Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space," the third installment in the compilation film series based on the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series. "Encounters in Space" had already set a high benchmark, earning 2.3 billion yen ($15.5 million USD) in 1982.

To account for inflation, Encounters in Space's total earnings today would be roughly 2.9 billion JPY or $19.2 million USD when adjusted for current currency rates.

As "Gundam SEED Freedom" begins its international rollout, the excitement among fans and newcomers to the series signals that the picture is on track to outperform the franchise's previous highest-grossing feature. The Gundam series, noted for its sophisticated storytelling, captivating characters, and revolutionary mecha designs, remains popular with audiences around the world, illustrating the universe's everlasting appeal.

The success of "Gundam SEED Freedom" not only demonstrates the franchise's tremendous cultural impact, but also shows that anime films have the capacity to attain commercial success both locally and globally. As the film continues to break records, it underlines the Gundam series' standing as a staple of the anime industry and a cherished tale across generations.

Director Mitsuo Fukuda and the entire Gundam SEED Freedom production team continue to thank the film's fans and supporters.


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Amidst this tumultuous period, Kira and his allies took active roles in mitigating conflicts worldwide. They intervened in various battles as members of Compass, leveraging their skills and experience to quell hostilities and support the organization's peacekeeping missions.

In a significant development, the Emerging Countries Foundation, representing nations affected by the strife but aspiring for peace and development, reached out to Compass with a proposal for collaboration. They suggested a joint operation targeting the headquarters of Blue Cosmos, aiming to dismantle the core of the organization responsible for much of the chaos and aggression. This strategic alliance aimed to cripple Blue Cosmos' capabilities and send a strong message against further violence, marking a pivotal step towards global peace and cooperation.

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