EX Model 1/1700 Eternal [REISSUE] - Release Info

EX Model 1/1700 Eternal [REISSUE]
Release Date: April 2024
Price: 3,850 Yen


In honor of the successful screening of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom film, the official Premium Bandai Hobby Site has announced the reissue of certain Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny of the EX Model kits. The kits announced in the lineup will also be available as regular retail kits, depending on area.

NOTE: This kit requires glue and paint

In the pantheon of vessels that fill the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" universe, the FFMH-Y101 Eternal stands out. The Eternal was a one-of-a-kind support ship designed to perform a specialized set of responsibilities. This difference is reflected in its most recent iteration as a model kit, which guarantees fans a piece of Gundam history that is as precise as it is memorable.

The Eternal model kit exemplifies the art of miniature replication, bringing to life the delicate features of this iconic support ship. The authors went to considerable efforts to ensure that every part of the Eternal is accurately depicted. From the catapult hatch to the bridge, the internal mechanisms of the ship are meticulously replicated, allowing builders to appreciate the complexity and design ingenuity of the original vessel.

The sense of scale is an important feature that has been meticulously controlled in this model, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the grandeur of the Eternal while admiring the authenticity of its tiny components. This blend of overall scale and technical perfection elevates constructing the model beyond mere fandom to a monument to the engineering behind the Eternal.

The model's charm is enhanced by its functioning wings, which can be opened and closed. This aspect not only improves the model's display value, but also reflects the dynamic character of the Eternal as represented in the anime. The addition of the Freedom Gundam, Justice Gundam, Providence Gundam, and two Meteor units, all in the same 1/1700 size, transforms the model from a single ship to a whole tableau, portraying a moment in time from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series.


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