EX Model 1/1700 Archangel [REISSUE] - Release Info

EX Model 1/1700 Archangel [REISSUE] 
Release Date: April 2024
Price: 4,950 Yen

INITIAL RELEASE September 2004

In honor of the successful screening of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom film, the official Premium Bandai Hobby Site has announced the reissue of certain Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny of the EX Model kits. The kits announced in the lineup will also be available as regular retail kits, depending on area.

NOTE: This kit requires glue and paint

In the long history of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED," the Archangel class of mobile assault ships is a tribute to human ingenuity and martial capability in the face of interplanetary strife. The introduction of the LCAM-01XA Archangel and her sister ship, the LCAM-01XB Dominion, has enthralled series fans with their vital roles. The soul and power of these famous vessels have now been captured in an ambitious model kit that promises to be a staple of any Gundam collection.

The model kit depicts the Archangel and Dominion's powerful arsenal, with key weapons including the Lohengrin positron blaster cannons, Gottfried Mk.71" 225cm Dual High-energy Beam Cannons, and Valiant Mk.8" 110cm Linear Cannons. Builders have a unique opportunity to replicate these armaments for storage or deployment, resulting in a dynamic range of display possibilities that reflect the tactical adaptability of these ships.

The model's attraction is further enhanced by the installation of a linear catapult system, which allows mobile suits to be launched directly from the ship's guts. This feature not only offers an extra element of interactive playability, but it also acknowledges the crucial function these ships play in deploying Gundam contingents during battle.

Scale models of the Strike Gundam, Buster Gundam, and Sky Grasper supplement the Archangel and Dominion models, each of which is an important component of the ships' fighting strategy. These new models enable the fabrication of intricate dioramas that represent the essence of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED's" most iconic scenes, from desperate defenses to daring counterattacks.

In a tribute to the series' narrative complexity, the model kit allows builders to pick reproduce the Archangel or its darker counterpart, the Dominion. This decision not only doubles the possibilities for personalization, but also encourages fans to investigate the philosophical dichotomies at the heart of the Gundam narrative.

Understanding the collector's need for both aesthetics and utility, the kit includes a display stand that displays each gun turret and mobile suit catapult in both open and closed configurations. This feature allows fans to present their completed models in the manner that most matches their own display ethos, ranging from the quiet readiness of peacetime to the thunderous cacophony of war.

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