Custom Build: HG 1/144 "VeeThree" Gundam

MODELER: Hasaki Art
MODEL TITLE: VeeThree Gundam
MODIFICATION TYPE: scratch built parts, custom details, custom panel line, custom decals
KITS USED: HGBD:R 1/144 Core Gundam Veetwo

Hasaki Art's VeeThree Gundam demonstrates the transformational potential of creativity and technological prowess. This project, which began with an HGBD:R 1/144 Core Gundam Veetwo and evolved into an unprecedented custom masterpiece, exemplifies the pinnacle of modification with scratch-built parts, custom detailing, and the inclusion of distinctive panel lines. Initially launched in 2020 as a collaborative effort, the project grew beyond its intended intentions, becoming a testing ground for Hasaki Art's creative style as well as a thorough examination of the modeler's skill.

The VeeThree Gundam project began in 2020 as part of a group build, and it set out to challenge Hasaki Art to push the bounds of Gunpla modification. Despite not making the initial date owing to unforeseen life circumstances, the project provided an ideal environment for exploration and discovery. It served as a testing ground for new ideas and techniques in model kit modification, exemplifying the Gunpla community's innovative attitude.

Hasaki Art's VeeThree Gundam is notable for its detailed alterations, including scratch-built parts, unique embellishments, and custom panel lines.

Scratch-Built Parts: By creating new components from scratch, Hasaki Art added distinctive elements that were not present in the original model. This not only provides the VeeThree Gundam a unique appearance, but it also shows the modeler's ability to conceptualize and create elements that suit the overall design. The gatling guns on its backpack unit and several beam rifle components were scratch built. He also used magnets to attach the shields easily.

Custom Details: Hasaki Art is known for its meticulous attention to detail. The VeeThree Gundam includes unique details that enhance its visual attractiveness by adding layers of texture, depth, and personality to the model. These features entice onlookers to examine the model more carefully, revealing the craftsmanship that characterizes Hasaki Art's approach to customizing. The VeeThree Gundam was also able to reveal certain mechanical details and a realistic touch thanks to the unique decals.

Custom Panel Lines: Panel lines are necessary for providing definition and detail to a model. The VeeThree Gundam features bespoke panel lines that highlight its shape, heightening the impression of realism and mechanical complexity. This adjustment necessitates a steady hand and a strong eye for design, which Hasaki Art possesses in spades.

You can also see a series of WIP videos documenting his work on his official YouTube channel.

When looking back on the project, Hasaki Art notes that the VeeThree Gundam was essentially a platform for innovation and an investigation of novel modification approaches. Notwithstanding the difficulties and setbacks, the project represents a learning and development path for the Gunpla community.

In the field of Gunpla, the VeeThree Gundam by Hasaki Art is proof of the revolutionary potential of personalization. By using creative panel lines, details, and scratch-built parts, the project goes beyond the HGBD:R 1/144 Core Gundam Veetwo kit and presents a vision that separates and motivates other modelers. In addition to showcasing their talent, Hasaki Art's commitment to pushing the limits of model kit modification adds to the vibrant fabric of creativity that characterizes the Gunpla community.


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