Custom Build: HG 1/144 G-Bouncer "Custom Ver. A"

MODELER: Thanh Nguyen - Instagram: @akio0504
MODEL TITLE: G-Bouncer Custom Ver. A
MODIFICATION TYPE: Custom Color Scheme, Kit Bash
KITS USED: HG 1/144 G-Bouncer, HG 1/144 G-Defenser

In the world of Gundam model kit customization, creativity and passion are the heart and soul of every project. One such example that stands out is the 1/144 HG G-Bouncer Custom Ver. A by Thanh Nguyen, a talented modeler known on Instagram as @akio0504. Thanh’s project is a testament to his love for the Gundam Age series and showcases his skills in kit bashing and custom color schemes.

Thanh Nguyen took the G-Bouncer and made it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by making some simple yet effective changes. The backpack is the focal point of this unique model, aiming to offer both aesthetic value and imagined functionality inside the Gundam universe. The modeler didn't stop with the backpack; he also added unique panel lines, which improved the model's detail and gave it a more sophisticated appearance.

The color scheme used for this project is monotone grayscale, which gives the model a clean and modern appearance, making the details pop even better. This choice distinguishes Thanh's G-Bouncer from the conventional color palettes found in Gundam models, demonstrating his ability to think outside the box and apply a distinct perspective to his work.

Thanh's message regarding the kit reflects his enthusiasm for the Gundam Age series. He had indicated a long-standing desire to work on the G-Bouncer kit, and this project was the culmination of his goal. His model's customized backpack is a source of pride, precisely built to match the G-Bouncer's design. Thanh also uploaded work-in-progress (WIP) photographs on his personal Instagram account, giving fans an insight into his creative process while also connecting with the Gundam modeling community.


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