QMSV "chen long / Tatsu" Gundam - Release Info

Bandai Namco China has announced the introduction of the latest installment to its QMSV series, which is good news for Gundam fans. The collection, which is set for release on January 5, 2024, features the special "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam, a unique blend of traditional elements and current design aesthetics. Kunio Okawara, the famed Gundam designer, and Toumari, the distinctive Q-style artist, collaborated on this model.

The "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam figurine measures 200 mm (7.8 inches). It embodies the Year of the Dragon, exhibiting Okawara and Toumari's remarkable design skills as well as their distinctive take of the Q-style.

Collectors can select between two variations. The normal colored variant costs 399 yuan (about 56 USD) and provides an affordable piece of this exceptional design. A limited edition gold-plated version is available for 699 yuan (99 USD) for the more discerning collector. This exclusive version is limited to 480 pieces, adding to its rarity and value.

Production of these figures will end once all units have been sold, in keeping with Bandai Namco's heritage of exclusivity. Because of its rarity, the "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam is a sought-after artifact among collectors and enthusiasts.

The figures are made of high-quality PVC and ABS materials and are designed to last. Each variant has a few moveable pieces as well as freshly designed Gundam beam weapons and shields. These items are designed to match the Year of the Dragon theme and are consistent with Kunio Okawara's renowned design philosophy.

The release of the QMSV series' "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam is more than just a new product; it's a celebration of artistic collaboration and cultural resonance. It represents Bandai Namco's continuous dedication to innovative design, fusing classic and contemporary elements to please fans all over the world.


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