Ichiban Kuji China Unveils Exclusive "Year of the Dragon" Gundam Collection

Ichiban Kuji China has created an exclusive line of Gundam-themed prizes to commemorate the Year of the Dragon, combining traditional zodiac components with the futuristic appeal of Gundam miniatures. This limited edition collection, designed by the legendary Kunio Okawara, provides fans with a plethora of collectible goods, each representing the spirit of the Chinese Zodiac through the lens of the iconic Gundam series.

Prize A: The "tatsu / chen long" Zodiac Gundam

The Zodiac Gundam "Chen Long" is at the top of the list. This 25 cm action figure is a limited edition Tatsu Gundam commemorating the Year of the Dragon. Because of its exquisite design and articulation, it is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts together.

Prize B: Usagi, the Zodiac Gundam

Prize B, the Zodiac Gundam Usagi, is close behind. Another 25 centimeter masterpiece, this action figure celebrates the Year of the Rabbit in 2023. Its one-of-a-kind design exemplifies Okawara's ability to combine traditional zodiac themes with the mechanical complexities of Gundam miniatures.

Prize C: SD Zodiac Gundam Collection - "Chen Long" Edition

Prize C includes a collection of Super Deformed (SD) "Chen Long" (Dragon) "Tatsu" Gundam figures. Each 17-cm model depicts the dragon theme in a lovely, chibi-style format that will appeal to enthusiasts of all ages.

Prize D: SD Zodiac Gundam Collection - Various Zodiac Editions

Prize D adds new SD Zodiac Gundam models to the collection. This features the Usagi (Rabbit), Ox, and Tiger Gundam, all in the popular SD format. These characters take a humorous and stylized approach to the zodiac topic.

Prize E: Stainless Steel Cup Series

Prize E debuts a stainless steel cup series adorned with SD Zodiac Gundam motifs. These cups are ideal for everyday usage, allowing Gundam enthusiasts to incorporate their passion into their everyday lives.

Prize F: Metal Keychain Collection

Prize F is a metal keychain collection. These Gundam shield-shaped keychains showcase six different designs from the Zodiac Gundam series, giving a utilitarian yet fashionable touch to any collection.

Prize G: Acrylic Stands

Prize G is made out of connectable acrylic stands that each display the SD Zodiac Gundam. These stands, which span the zodiac from the Pig to the newest Dragon "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam, allow fans to proudly display their zodiac collection.

Final Prize: Golden "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam

The Final Prize is a Golden "Tatsu/Chen Long" Gundam, personally designed by Kunio Okawara. This one-of-a-kind piece is a harmonic marriage of creative ingenuity and engineering, and it is a great collector's item. This figure shares the same molds with the Prize A figure featured with gold colors.

From January 29th, 2024, until supplies last, these one-of-a-kind rewards will be offered in participating retailers throughout China. They are priced at 75 yuan (approximately 11 USD) each ticket and provide Gundam enthusiasts a unique opportunity to commemorate the Year of the Dragon.

This Ichiban Kuji collection is more than just a collection of toys; it's a celebration of the merging of traditional culture with modern pop art, proving the Gundam series' continuing appeal across cultures and generations.


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