RX-78-02 Gundam

The RX-78-02 Gundam is the main mobile suit of the manga "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin." This legendary suit also appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Advent of the Red Comet," an OVA and TV cut series, as well as the film "Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island." During the One Year War, Amuro Ray, the protagonist, pilots it.

The estimated power output of the RX-78-02's generator was between 1000 and 1400 kW, aiming to achieve at least 150% more than that of the RCX-76.

As a prototype mobile suit of the Earth Federation, the RX-78-02 underwent confidential testing. However, during a Zeon Forces attack on Side 7, civilian Amuro Ray unexpectedly became its pilot.

The RX-78-02 is equipped with an array of portable weapons, such as a beam rifle and a hyper bazooka. Additionally, it features integrated armaments on its left shoulder, including two shoulder magnums, a gatling gun, and a forearm-mounted gatling gun. The mobile suit can also be outfitted with a beam saber and an optional shoulder cannon.

It is also unable to morph its Beam Sabers into Beam Javelins, does not have a Gundam Hammer, and did not use the Core Block System until it was updated to have one at Jaburo.

As the conflict proceeded, the RX-78-02 was changed into its Late Type/Middle Type configuration. When the fighting was relocated to space, the majority of the fixed weaponry were replaced with extra thrusters for increased mobility and gate-shaped armor on the shoulders. Several fixed weapons, including the arm vulcan, two shoulder magnums, shoulder Gatling gun, and shoulder cannon, were removed.



Tem Ray proposed the proposal in the year U.C. 0078 after seeing footage of an MS-04 working in the A Bao A Qu region. He knew right away that if the Federation had gone ahead and mass-produced the Guncannon, which was tailored toward ship combat at the moment, the mobile suits would fare poorly against these Zakus.

The Battle of Mare Smythii proved Tem's theory correct, as four MS-05 Zakus and one MS-04 Bugu destroyed the Iron Cavalry Squadron's twelve Guncannons. This demonstrated to the Federation that they needed a mobile suit specifically designed for mobile suit combat, and as a result, the RX-78 Gundam development project was approved. Initially, the Federation thought the RCX-76 Guncannon would be adequate. Amuro Ray subsequently found the suit's schematics and a scaled-down RX-78-02 arm in his father's room, proving that his father was not only building colonies.

One Year War (0079)

RX-78-02 was finished in its initial hues of white and light gray. Its antennae were not V-shaped at first, but were more like the Guncannon Early Type. Anaheim Electronics employees then posed for a photo in front of their finished work.

Amuro Ray was at his computer on the day Zakus entered the Side 7 Noa colony, downloading top-secret Federation material. He opened a file containing a diagram of the Gundam's head after encountering another protection layer. He noticed the name "RX-78 Gundam", as well as other "weird numbers" and schematics. Amuro saw a diagram of a Zaku and how it had a fusion engine within its body as Fraw entered his residence, reinforcing his assumption that his father possessed more than simply colony designs.


The RX-78-02 Gundam, a pillar of the Gundam universe, has transcended its book origins to become a revered symbol in the GunPla (Gundam Plastic Model) community. This foray into model kits began with the release of the Gundam The Origin MSD (Mobile Suit Discovery) lineup, ushering in a new age for Gundam fans and model builders.

Master Grade release: 2015

The introduction of the RX-78-02 Master Grade in 2015 marked a watershed moment in the GunPla's history. This model was more than just a model; it was a statement, setting a high standard for quality and detail while capturing the soul of the RX-78-02 Gundam.

A Special Yellow V-Fin Edition: 2017

In 2017, a one-of-a-kind RX-78-02 with a bright yellow v-fin was released. This limited edition gave a colorful touch to the original design, giving collectors and lovers a fresh variety to treasure. It was a limited edition with the extra enticement of pink and yellow Gunpla LED Units, which enhanced its appeal and made it a prominent piece in any collection. It was also released in a completely renewed box art.

The High-Grade Revolution: 2020

The release of the HG (High Grade) Gundam The Origin RX-78-02 in 2020 marked another milestone. This kit was a work of art in terms of adaptability, as it came with a plethora of equipment and extras. Modelers were free to convert it into its regular, late, and middle types, demonstrating the RX-78-02's versatility and progression over time.

The Rollout Color Version: Mobile Suit Discovery (MSD) 2021

Continuing the trend of one-of-a-kind releases, Premium Bandai debuted the Mobile Suit Discovery (MSD) variation in 2021. This kit, known as the Rollout Color variant, featured the RX-78-02 in a spotless white color scheme without the characteristic v-fin. This variation paid respect to the Gundam's early stages of development.

Cucuruz Doan Island Commemorative Film Release, April 2023

In April 2023, a new chapter was added to the RX-78-02's legacy. To commemorate the success of the film "Cucuruz Doan's Island," Premium Bandai released a limited edition Cucuruz Doan Island. This release not only paid homage to the film, but it also established the RX-78-02's ongoing appeal and relevancy in the Gundam universe. This kit also included a freshly designed water slide decals to designate how it would appear in the film.

This image came from the collaboration campaign between Cucuruz Doan's Island and Gundam Factory Yokohama (2022)


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