Gundam Open Innovation Initiative: Towards the "Real Universal Century"

From 11 to 13 partners, The project to "Real Universal Century" is becoming more of a reality.

Bandai Namco Group's Gundam Open Innovation project recently expanded its collaborative network significantly. The initiative began with 11 partners and has grown to 13 partners as of the 27th of October. This rise indicates not just the initiative's expanding popularity, but also its diverse approach to integrating Gundam-inspired technologies in real-world circumstances.

To streamline their work, these 13 partners have been divided into four specialist teams, each focusing on a different component of Gundam-inspired technology:

Team Space Life Project: This team is on the cutting edge of building dwelling environments for outer space. Their primary focus is on maintaining comfortable settings and guaranteeing long-term resource circulation. They are researching space colonies and developing medical technology to support human existence in these alien environments.

Green Space Colony Project: This team is focused to building experimental setups that simulate the unique circumstances of space, such as artificial gravity and isolated surroundings, to supplement the efforts of Team Space Life Project. Their study is critical for comprehending and responding to the challenges of space existence.

Prototyping a New Maneuverable Robot for Social Mobile Suit Implementation: This crew is responsible with bringing the iconic mobile suits to life as beings that positively interact with and enrich human lives, rather than as weapons of war. Their goal is to create controlled robots capable of doing peaceful and practical tasks, encapsulating the essence of mobile suits in a way that helps society.

Beam Saber Inspired Plasma Agriculture Project: This team is investigating the use of plasma in agriculture, drawing inspiration from Gundam's beam saber technology. Their study is centered on harnessing plasma in a controlled environment that is safe for human and plant contact. Potential advantages include increased plant growth, greater immunity, and less dependency on pesticides. This novel approach to agriculture has the potential to transform farming operations and deliver major advantages.

The Gundam Open Innovation effort intends to use numerous ideas, technology, and resources to co-create new values and actualize goals for the Universal Century's future civilization. This initiative's timeframe involves announcing selected partners back in FY2021, exposing action plans in FY2022, revealing progress in FY2023, and reporting on activities in FY2024-25.

In essence, Bandai Namco Group's Gundam Open Innovation program is a step toward realizing the themes of the Gundam series in the real world, with the goal of solving critical global concerns while paving the path for a sustainable and advanced human future.


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  1. here's yet another reason why they slowed down on GunPla. It's exciting and scary at the same time.

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