Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 Ver. ANIME - Release Info

Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 ver. ANIME
Release Date: June 2024
Price: 9,900 Yen

The Blue Destiny Unit 2 initially surfaced in Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny, a mobile suit game. Before the Principality of Zeon took possession of it and piloted it by Nimbus Schterzen, it belonged to the Earth Federation Forces.

Professor Chlust Moses created Blue Destiny Unit 2, his second mobile suit, following his defection to the Earth Federation Forces. Unit 2 is used to test the EXAM System and has the system mounted in its head, similar to the RX-79BD-1 Blue Destiny Unit 1. However, because the system in Unit 2 has no predetermined limit, it is more likely to go berserk. The head of Unit 2 is based on the Gundam Ground Type, just like the rest of its body, in contrast to Unit 1.

The Gundam Ground Type is solely meant to be used in ground combat, but the Unit 2 is meant to be used in both space and on Earth. This is accomplished by swapping out the backpack, giving the suit increased mobility and operational capability in both environments. Unit 2's primary ranged weapon is the Gundam Ground Type beam rifle, not the 100mm machine gun, but it still has the wired missiles and chest vulcans from Unit 1 in terms of weapons.

With proportions true to its anime appearance and a wide range of articulation, this Robot Spirits Ver. ANIME release may accurately mimic certain anime presentation while on display.

It is completed with its accessories and equipment which include the following:
  • 4 types of replacements wrist parts (left and right arm)
  • Shield
  • Beam rifle
  • EXAM activated visor
  • 3 backpack hole cover
  • shield grip
  • Various effect parts for its verniers and beam sabers
  • A set of connector parts
  • A storage deck for the extra wrists

The large vernier effect part are also compatible with the sold separately Robot SPIRITS (SIDE MS) RGM-79[G] GM Ground Type Ver. ANIME

Promotional artwork honoring the visuals from the Sega Saturn video game Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny


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