A Behind-the-Scenes Look - Win Morisaki Voices Griffin Arbalest in 'Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM," which is slated to make its national premiere on January 26, 2024, has published a captivating "dubbing & interview" with Win Morisaki. Recognized for his performance as Daito/Toshiro in the highly anticipated 2018 film "Ready Player One," Morisaki enters the Gundam universe and provides the voice of Griffin Arbalest.

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An important turning point in Morisaki's career was going from the famous phrase "I choose the form of Gundam!" from "Ready Player One" to actually voicing a character in the Gundam series. He plays Black Knight Squad member Griffin Arbalest in "SEED FREEDOM," which is about Queen Aura of the Foundation, a country that just broke away from the Eurasian Federation.

Morisaki's dubbing technique is evident in the recently released video, especially in the sentence "Fall into darkness, Kira Yamato." It also features an interview in which he talks about the most exciting parts of the film and reveals his initial thoughts on the offer. Fans can learn more about his journey into Griffin from this behind-the-scenes look.

Morisaki's portrayal of Griffin Arbalest gives the character nuance and complexity. Despite being a highly talented member of the elite Black Knight Squad, he is originally viewed as reckless. Orphee Lam Tao and seven other people make up the Squad, which is a component of the Queen's Guard of the Foundation. A regular army is positioned beneath the Squad.

Win Morisaki: A Rising Star

Morisaki, who was born in Myanmar in 1990, debuted as an actor in the 2008 television drama "You Can't Teach Me at School!" He made a big splash internationally when he starred in Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One." Among his many achievements is the 2019 Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor for the film "Bees and Distant Thunder". Morisaki has become well-known in the entertainment business thanks to his varied roles in dramas like "Paripi Komei" and "Black Familia" and his portrayal of Hidetada Tokugawa in the 2023 NHK taiga drama "What's Wrong with Ieyasu?" In 2020, he also made his significant debut as "MORISAKI WIN," hoping to serve as a conduit between the Asian entertainment industry and the rest of the world.

It is recommended that viewers experience Win Morisaki's dynamic and nuanced depiction of Griffin Arbalest in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM." His performance should give the Gundam series' intricate fabric a fresh perspective. Don't pass up the chance to see Griffin play a crucial part in the motion pictures, particularly in the sequences where he battles Kira Yamato.

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