Robot Spirits (SIDE MS) Big Zam Ver. ANIME - Planning Stage

Tamashii Nation 2023 has shocked us with a slew of new action figure announcements from a variety of anime series, including, of course, the Gundam franchise!

Big Zam image: Dengeki Hobby

The gigantic mobile armor from the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, joins the Robot Spirits Ver. ANIME lineup. The prototype's card is marked "on display only" for the time being, till mass production is decided. The Big Zam looms over the other mobile suits in the display, indicating that you should clear some room on your shelf if you want one!

The Big Zam, a mobile armor developed for maximum offensive force, was the largest and most powerful tactical weapon during the One Year War. It was outfitted with a slew of armaments, including a massive mega particle cannon in the front of its chest capable of sinking a Magellan-class battleship with a single shot. An array of anti-air giant particle cannons spanned its torso, preventing mobile suits from approaching. Its legs' claws may be used as missiles. It was outfitted with a barrier that rendered beam weaponry ineffective.

It was outfitted with four enormous fusion reactors, each having a power output of 35,000 kilowatts, to power all of its beam weaponry at the same time. It could only operate at full combat capabilities for less than 20 minutes due to cooling concerns. Its cockpit block, positioned in the upper torso, had three pilot seats: one for the pilot, one for the radar operator, and one for the gunner, albeit it could be handled by a single pilot with the assistance of computers.

Here's a few of on display shots by Amiami's X account and official Dengeki Hobby web.




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