The 61st All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2023

It's that time of the year again! The All Japan Model Hobby Show is going back on its 61st run, for two days, starting September 30th to October 1st, 2023. The event will be featuring about 80 popular Japanese hobby companies at the Tokyo Big Sight Halls 1 and 2.

Bandai Spirits twitted this teaser on Sept 28th!

Bandai Namco has also confirmed their participation at the event, bringing its Gundam franchise to exhibit new and upcoming products. Included in the featured lineup is the Bandai Namco's Gundam Next Future (EAST/WEST/DIGITAL) project, LINKL PLANET, Gundam R (Recycle) Project, and Premium Bandai.

Admission tickets are now available for pre-purchase for 1,000 Yen each. General walk in tickets are priced at 1,200 Yen.

*Free for junior high school students and younger
*Junior high school students are required to present their student ID.
* Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian. 

Gundam Next Future (EAST/WEST/DIGITAL) (website: Bandai Hobby Site: Gundam Future Project)

"GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE -ROAD TO 2025-" has launched to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Gundam series and the 45th anniversary of Gunpla.

In "GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE -ROAD TO 2025-" Bandai Spirits will conduct various actions based on the three pillars of the brand; Video development, the Gundam Metaverse Project and real events. As one of the event-based measures, "GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE 2023 EAST/WEST/DIGITAL" will be implemented!

In October 2023, EAST and WEST will be held as real GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE events at Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Triangle Square in Tokyo and Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Plaza in Osaka. Also, an event will be held at Gundam Metaverse as a digital venue for GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE to connect this time together. We're planning so that fans who can't attend can also enjoy it. The Gundam Metaverse digital venue will also host the first Gundam Metaverse Live XR!

LINKL PLANET (website: Bandai Hobby Site: LINKL PLANET)

LINKL PLANET, also shortened to Rinpla, is a nine-member idol group. They are the official plastic model PR ambassadors for the business company BANDAI SPIRITS CO's PLAMO GIRL PROJECT.

Like a plastic model that connect parts, they are a group that aims to be an idol that connects
plastic models and fans. In order to become a presence that pushes everyone's back to the world of plastic models, they are ready to learn the appeal of plastic models together with fans and spread the fun of plastic models all over the world!

GUNDAM R (RECYCLING) PROJECT (website: Bandai Hobby Site (Ecopla Project))

Introducing the new method of preserving GunPla materials is the best way to continue this growing hobby! The goal of this project is to collect GunPla runners and then recycle them into new plastic model products using chemical recycling, a cutting-edge technology.

"Our vision at is to be the premier online destination for Gundam and GunPla enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive community where hobbyists of all skill levels can connect, share, and grow. By offering a platform for sharing tips, techniques, and creative builds, we strive to celebrate the artistry and innovation inherent in GunPla building. Our commitment is to provide a space that not only showcases the world’s greatest hobby but also inspires and supports the next generation of modelers in their GunPla journey."



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