Megahouse Announces a 1/144 scale Burstliner

The Burstliner is a mobile turret that appears in the MS-X original design series. It provides extra firepower and additional movability to a Mobile Suit that uses it.

Mobile Suit X, or MS-X for short, is a compilation of mecha designs, featuring mobile suits from the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Similar to the Mobile Suit Variations (MSV) series of designs, the mobile suits covered in the MS-X are all part of the original design series.

This Megahouse release features the original colors with all the details and a grip attachment compatible with most 1/144 scale model kits. The release date is September 30, 2023 and the price is 16,500 yen.

In 1984, Kodansha Comics picked up plans for an original One Year War-themed side story by Mobile Suit Gundam writer Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, which featured several new mecha designs by Kunio Okawara. At the heart of the story of MS-X is an Earth Federation Forces special forces team led by Colonel Den Berserk tasked with investigating the Principality of Zeon's mysterious weapons development plan, Project Nipple.

However, most of these new entities were never animated outside of lineart. Once Okawara's new Mobile Suit designs were released and the planned story was revealed, animation studio Sunrise announced that they would be releasing Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, which would tarnish MS-X. Kodansha Comics promptly canceled the planned MS-X series over doubts about whether the series would fit into the continuity and never recovered. Most mobile suit designs are considered semi-official, however some were later seen in other Gundam side stories, video games and manga.


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  1. They should have added this to the MSD lineup. It would be perfect with the already available Full Armor Gundam. megahouse has mega pricing...

  2. Too bad it's not an HG kit AND it's gonna cost £100 BEFORE shipping.

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