Gundam SEED Freedom New Mobile Suit Designs Leaked?

A Weibo user posted an image of what appear to be the new "Freedom Gundam" and "Justice Gundam" designs that will debut in the upcoming film "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom." However, there is still no confirmation of its authenticity.

These photos should still be taken with a grain of salt until Bandai Namco Filmworks (SUNRISE) releases the official image and announcement.

Bandai Namco Filmworks (SUNRISE) has released the 3rd trailer for the upcoming film. It reveals the Rising Freedom Gundam, and Immortal Justice Gundam. Clearer images below.

The Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom film is slated to hit theaters on January 26, 2024 in Japan. The film will feature mechanical designs of Kunio Okawara, along with Kimitoshi Yamane Junichi Akutsu, Kazutaka Miyatake, Shiba Zen, Takuya Io, Manabu Shintani, and Hiroyuki Taiga.

This film is part of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Project initiative, first announced in 2021 to celebrate the title's 20th anniversary. The project aims to expand the potential of the SEED/Destiny titles by expanding their story, which also led to the development of the new game Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and the side-story manga Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Eclipse.

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