Gundam Build Metaverse Mini Anime Series Story Preview Released

Episode 1 will be available via Gundam Info and other official streaming services starting October 6th, 2023.

Bandai Namco Filmworks continues to celebrate the Gundam Build series' 10th anniversary with the unveiling of the story trailer for the upcoming miniseries Gundam Build Metaverse! The trailer shows the Lah Gundam in action for the first time with its builder/pilot Rio Hōjō.

The trailer also reveals the return of the custom GunPla from the previous series of the Gundam Build franchise!
"It's okay to make mistakes. You can always start over. What's important is to have fun."

Streaming of the three episodes will also be available through the Gundam Metaverse entertainment corner starting October 6th to 8th, showing one episode per day.


The story revolves around a Hawaiian boy named Rio Hōjō who learned how to make GunPla from a local hobbyist named Seria Urutsuki. In the metaverse, a character named Mask teaches Lady Rio the art of GunPla combat and strives to become better every day.

Rio uses his Lah Gundam, a custom GunPla based on the Entry Grade RX-78-2 Gundam and themed around the "Spirit of Japan", with the name Lah being derived from the native Hawaiian word for "sun".

Rio Hōjō (real)

Rio Hōjō (avatar)


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