MegaHobby 1/144 Skiure - Release Info

1/144 Skiure
Release Date: January 2024
Price: 13,200 Yen

The official Megatradeshop's Premium Bandai store has opened the pre-orders for the 1/144 scale Skiure. The model has a target shipping date of January 2024 and a price of 13,200 Yen.

A prototype of a 1/144 scale version of the mobile turret Skiure from the original MS-X design series was unveiled at Megahouse Expo 2023.

The Skiure is a massive auxiliary weapons platform designed specifically to make up for the MS's lack of range and firepower during the One Year War. It is equipped with a large beam cannon mounted on a mobile platform. The Skiure is operated by placing a mobile suit on the platform. Because the large beam cannon is powered by the Skiure's own reactor, they could even be used by mobile suits that were incapable of using beam weapons. It was also seen used by a Geara Zulu, to act as makeshift turrets for the Garancieres in the Mobile Suit Gundam UC OVA.

Megahouse also announced the release of a 1/144 Burstliner, which also appeared in the same MS-X design series, September 2023 and the price is 16,500 yen.


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