Gundam Blog 10: The Very Bulky Solomon Express Design Series

It's like a kit bash of 1/144 and 1/60 GunPla models in one fantastic bulky design series.

Makoto Kobayashi's SOLOMON EXPRESS series of mechanical designs will always hold a special place in my heart. These designs first appeared in the October 1999 (Solomon Express) and July 2000 (Solomon Express 2 - The Mystery of Psycommu System) issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.

Kobayashi's version of each of the mobile suits aims to develop anti-fortress weapons for the upcoming battles of Solomon and A Baoa Qu, codenamed "Solomon Express".

The lineup include the RX-78-2 Solomon Express G-2 unit which is basically an RX-78-2 Gundam nuclear-equipped weapons platform. It also features additional armors for its shoulders, torso, and skirt parts also to help it carry its massive armaments.

RX-78-2 Solomon Express G-2

Many other mobile suits from the original 0079 series through the 0087 Zeta Gundam series were also incorporated into the Solomon Express design series, including the Neue Ziel and Big Zam mobile armors, which also appeared in Kobayashi's own design.

The-O has also made its way into the design series along with Baund Doc and Marasai, presenting a more unique appearance than it did in the Z Gundam series.

My personal favorites are the RX-78-2 Solomon Express G-2 and the Jupiter Ghost, which is an improved hybrid variant of the Rick Dom II that has a range of artillery weapons installed for use in space.

Do I wish these were made into GunPla? For sure! But for very obvious reason, a bigger display area will be needed, which is already happening with my Thunderbolt and AOZ collection.


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