Gundam Blog 09: PlayStation 5 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode

I've always wanted to customize my PlayStation 5 with a Gundam themed skin ever since I bought one. I've searched online and all I could find is an inset image of a Gundam wallpaper.

Originally I wanted to make a Gundam RX-78-2 skin with an all red, blue and yellow color scheme and style it with White Base decals, then I found a simple faceplate online from HEYSTOP (this is not sponsored btw). I noticed that the faceplate itself is customized with textures that would match Unicorn Gundam's color scheme perfectly, so I decided to use Photoshop to see how it would look. I liked the result!

I also tried to put some sample decals that I would place on it.

There's also a black version that could look perfect with a Banshee color scheme.

Here are the original PS5 cover plate designs by HEYSTOP

Image source: HEYSTOP

I won't be installing LED just yet as that would require some great skills, plus, I need to find a durable clear plastic to replace those red psycho frames that I've photoshopped. We'll see how it turns out as I just ordered the plate online.

I am excited to see the result in person. I will sure be posting more images as soon as I receive the package.

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  1. I actually customized my PS5 last year and the skin of it was Sazabi. I am thinking of customizing the skin of my PS5 into Wing Zero EW or 00 Quanta

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