4 Things to Consider Before Buying Gundam Model Kits Online

Imagine being able to craft your very own high-quality, intricately detailed robot replicas. With Gundam model kits, you can construct your favorite iconic giant robots from the legendary Gundam series. From their sleek designs to jaw-dropping weapons, these kits capture every eye-catching detail that will awe you and your friends!

However, searching for the best Gundam model kits that combine artistry, engineering, and all things awesome requires time, especially when you buy online. This article will give four essential factors to consider when you buy gundam model kits online.

1. Indications that the Product is Legit

Unfortunately, the online market is not immune to counterfeit products, and knockoff kits may not provide the same quality or authenticity as the real ones. By verifying the product's legitimacy, you can be confident that you are getting a genuine Gundam kit, complete with all the intricate details and designs that make it special.

One of the essential tips to verify the product's legitimacy is to buy from reputable online retailers. Well-established stores specializing in Gundam model kits are likelier to sell authentic products. Also, pay attention to official logos, branding, or holograms that indicate the product's authenticity. Genuine product images will be clear and high-quality and showcase the kit from multiple angles.

2. Different Grades and Scales

When you buy a Gundam kit, two important things to consider are the "grade" and the "scale." The grade tells you how complex the kit is to build. On the other hand, the scale tells how big the model is compared to the real robot in the anime.

So, when you shop for Gundam kits, make sure they fit into these classifications:

Super Deformed (SD)

These are cute and chibi-style Gundam kits with exaggerated features. They have a fun and cartoonish appearance, making them adorable and easy to build. SD kits are perfect for beginners and those who enjoy a more whimsical take on the Gundam universe.

High Grade (HG)

High-Grade kits offer a good balance of detail and affordability. HG kits are relatively easy to assemble and have impressive articulation, allowing you to pose the Gundam in various action stances.

Real Grade (RG)

Real Grade kits are known for their incredible detail and realistic appearance. They are more challenging to build than HG kits but are still suitable for intermediate builders.
Master Grade (MG)

Master Grade kits are for those wanting more advanced building experience. They offer a higher level of detail and articulation and often include additional accessories.

Perfect Grade (PG)

Perfect Grade kits are the pinnacle of Gundam model kits. They are the most detailed, massive, and impressive kits available. These kits are for experienced modelers and dedicated Gundam enthusiasts who want a show-stopping centerpiece for their collection.

3. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews provide valuable insights from people who have already purchased and assembled the model kit you're interested in. These reviews offer real-life experiences and opinions, helping you gauge the overall quality, ease of assembly, and potential issues or challenges.

Ratings, whether as stars or numerical scores, give you a quick overview of customers' satisfaction with a particular model kit. Higher ratings generally indicate a better overall experience, while lower ratings might highlight potential shortcomings or limitations of the product. Paying attention to this help you identify popular and highly regarded model kits.

4. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary depending on the seller's location, your location, and the weight and size of the package. Determining these costs upfront is essential to avoid surprises or unexpected expenses during checkout. By knowing the shipping cost, you can budget accordingly and evaluate whether the overall cost of the model kit fits within your desired range.
Have an Informed Mind When Buying Online

Undoubtedly, being informed when buying online is the key to a successful and satisfying shopping experience. So, before you click that "Buy" button, consider the tips shared in this article. With an informed mind, you can shop confidently, knowing you've made your best choice. If you’re still unsure about finding the right gundam model kit - shop at Gundam Express, Australia’s leading gunpla store.


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  1. It seems like they're phasing out 1/144 HG kits and starting to move to an "all premium" model. The old kits will still be available but I don't think we'll see many new HG kits for a while.

    1. I don't think that's true at all, since almost the entire Witch From Mercury lineup was 1/144 HG kits, over 20 kits in all, with some still coming.

    2. I agree to @PowderyBeef, also agreeing to most released gunpla nowadays are 95% premium bandai is a pain for most of us, but I would just say that they did not completely forget 144 scale Gunpla - they just slowed down on everything for real.

  2. I agree to the list, specifically the shipping cost when buying online. The shipping costs just went sky rocketing after covid, not to mention the scalper priced gunpla. Though, I would add a price consideration on the list as well :)

  3. Oh thank you but no thanks for advice no. 1. With the price increase and selections mostly funneled to P-Bandai, I rather support the off-brand kits. 10 years ago, they were bad, but nowadays, off-brand kits are about 95% quality of Bandai's products. You can keep your ethics to yourself, my money only does what is the best for me.

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