Gundam Blog 08: I Got Some PEPSI TWIST Gundam Caps in a Colony Container

In my free time, I often search the internet for non-GunPla stuff but still Gundam related items and find things that interests me. On rare occasions, if I really liked something, I would buy it without hesitation.

I searched some PIXUS x Gundam collaborative items. It took me back when I wanted the Char Aznable color printer and the Mega Size Char's Zaku with color splat color decals - super expensive nowadays. Can't afford - so I moved on.

The search brought me to the PEPSI NEX collaboration, then to some cute bottle caps that I have been seeing a lot of from eBay... and since then, I've been thinking of getting a few. Luckily I found a sweet looking somehow complete collection of Universal Century PEPSI Twist bottle caps that are attached to a colony style display racking. What a cool display piece! It's missing two pieces from the other set (Domon Kasshu and Secret II) - I'll just ask my friend to get me the missing ones, no biggie.

So apparently, the guy I bought the set from sent it via Fedex so I got it in 2 days. Sweet. I did not anticipate the size of it, but I have a plan to display it with my HGUC kits. I just need to finish cleaning the basement.

I do not know much about when these were actually released but it looks like that the Colony model was a commemorative item to celebrate Gundam's 25th anniversary with PEPSI TWIST. The space colony model did not originally come with the bottle caps, the seller collected the caps and combined it with the colony stage when they sold it on Ebay.

Gundam was not the only one to collaborate with special bottle cap releases but also with other popular companies like Adidas, Suntory Japan (Snoopy / Peanuts), Star Wars and more!

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