Celebrating Father's Day with Zinnerman!

Gundam Info conducted a poll to find out who among Bright Noa, Dozle Zabi, Suberoa Zinnerman and Zeon Zum Deikun is the best dad to celebrate Father's Day on June 18th. The poll was published on Japanese Gundam Info website from May 29 to June 5, which garnered 3,500 voters.

Zinnerman wins with 47.9%, followed by Bright with 24.1%, while Dozle came very close to Noa with 23.9% and Daikun with 4.1% votes.

Born in the year UC0044. Suberoa Zinnerman is the Captain of the Garencières of the remaining Neo-Zeon forces featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVA.
Left - Zinnerman with his Daughter Marie
Right - Zinnerman (Mobile Suit Gundam UC)

Zinnerman is a battle-scarred veteran of the Zeon forces during he One Year War. He fought on the African front until the end of the war and then had to serve a life sentence. During this time, his family lived in Globe city in Side 3, whose residents were being mercilessly slaughtered by the Federation forces. His wife and child were among those killed. 

Zinnerman was devastated to learn of the existence of circulating video footage of his family's death so he continued fighting with his subordinates as Soldier. He tracked down the person who circulated the video, eventually tracked him down to a brothel and discovered a weakened girl. Zinnerman took her in, became her adoptive father, and named her after his late daughter, "Marie". She later became known as her subordinate, Marida Cruz. After the Gryph War ended, he was tasked with protecting Mineva Lao Zabi. In the year UC 0096 he becomes the captain of his own ship called the Garencières.

Famous line
“Crying because you care is an entirely different matter. I don't trust anyone who never cries. That's my philosophy... ”
—Suberoa Zinnerman to a crying Banagher Links

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