A.O.Z. Re-Boot Special Issue Reveals Art for Aqua Hazen'thley II [OMEGA ZABI CUSTOM]

The official Dengeki Hobby AOZ page has revealed a new art featuring a new Hazen'thley variant to celebrate the release of the Premium Bandai HGUC 1/144 Aqua Hambrabi II in June 2023.

The Aqua Hazen'thley II is an Advanced Woundwort variant that uses the new Aqua Habrabi II equipment. It is a form in which multiple Aqua Hambrabi II units are attached to the Hazen'thley II's body. The attachment connects the Hrududu II to both sides of its waist just like how its on its Rah II form.

Its composite shield boosters are equipped with the hydro jets to enhance its capabilities in underwater combat. It also acts as a remote radio guidance type with psycho blade, and is mainly intended for use as a mobile bit for underwater battles.

Its complicated conversion mechanism and operation are controlled and managed by BUNNyS.
This mobile suit is a specification exclusively for them, which was piloted by Omega Zabi (and his fiancée Alicia and others), the leader of the ReZeon at the time. Rather than submerged underwater battles, he chose to move at high speed on the surface of the water, single-handedly rush into enemy lines, and engage in surface battles.

In the latter half of the UC0080s, during the founding war of ReZeon, this unit was used in the conquest battle for the Zeon-Mars Glacier base and contributed greatly to the fall of the base. In addition to this mobile suit, Marasai equipped with an Aqua unit and other Black Hare MS were drawn into this battle of conquest, and the Zeon Mars MS forces were at their mercy.


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