GunPla Blog 11: The "REGULAR" HG RGM-79 GM

Bandai Spirits has finally decided to release the "regular" GM that we've been waiting for. Yes, the red colored GM unit that has been on our wish list since the Cucuruz Doan's Island film showcased their beauty in the film. 

While it's not exactly the revived version of the 2001 HGUC kit, we welcome the redesigned aesthetic that suits the modern series.

The said GM kit will be available as a retail regular model kit in November 2023. It was first shown at Bandai Hobby's booth at the 61st Shizuoka Hobby Show in early May 2023. The on display prototype of the upcoming GM is featured with its Cucuruz Doan's Island design, fitted with a shoulder gun and missile pod equipment.

Now the question is. What is the difference among the other GM kits besides the coloring?

A closer look at the shape of his head reveals that Sleggar's GM has a distinctive cut-out around its visor and two instead of three holes in the side vents of the head unit. Basically, the HG Moroccan GM and GM Shoulder Cannon/Missile Pod kits shares most of its molds. A few of the parts are the same with the previously released GM lineup with the Gundam The Origin and MSD GunPla series, with significant differences in head design and accessory selection.

As the kit's name suggests, it contains a Shoulder Cannon and Missile Pod Equipment, of which you can choose or purchase two or even three to display their variations.

Just going to leave this here and find out more as the kit gets released!

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