HGUC 1/144 Psycho Doga - Release Info

HGUC 1/144 Psycho Doga
Release Date: December 19, 2022
Price: 4,180 Yen

UPDATE: JANUARY 19TH, 2023 - Bandai Spirits has announced that the Gundam Base Online shop will be carrying the kit via Premium Bandai from Jan. 19th for limited time with July 2023 target release.

The Gundam Side-F has officially announced that they are going to release the Psycho Geara Doga in the High Grade Universal Century GunPla series.

The kit will be sold by lottery for its first time release in Gundam Side-F facility at the Mitsui Shopping Mall in LaLaport Fukuoka, and will be available at the Gundam Base and Premium Bandai on a later date.

Lottery application will end on December 13th.

Studio images were also released for the kit, and it looks promising!

The kit is completed with its weapons and accessories which include; six funnels, a shield, a beam rifle, and a beam sword-axe.

*The yellow Neo Zeon emblem on its head and shield are completely color separated.

Promo images pays tribute to the 1980s Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack GunPla series box arts.


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  1. Well, at least the us p-bandai should be able to get a run of this in about a year for the annual Gundam Base kit offerings. Interested to see how many of the parts are updated. Was pretty happy with the AoZ kits like [Hazel Owsla] Gigantic Arm Unit though that mixed older and newer runners, so think I'll probably like this one too.

  2. I like the Psycho Doga more than the Jagd Doga. Gimme a 1/100 scale kit of it, Bandai!

  3. okay, that is pretty dope. now where is that master grade Bandai? we KNOW you got the Geara Doga in master grade to base it off and we know you're not shy of putting it in P-Bandai... so do one up with it's captain's hat style head. :D

  4. OOooo... HGUC Nightingale artbox is happening! Hopefully Alpha azieru is a possible release in the future

  5. I like how the beam rifle is shamelessly just a MP40

  6. BOOOOOOOOOOO enough HG kits, we need more MGs, RE100 and FullMechanics....

  7. Ohhh boy I am curious to see how much this will go for on the second hand market. And while it's nice knowing it will get a P Bandai release, that also means it won't be stateside until fall/winter of this year. or early 2024. I really hope that new factory when finished really helps out production numbers.

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