P-Bandai: RG 1/144 Destiny Impulse Gundam [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: RG 1/144 Destiny Impulse Gundam [REISSUE]
Release Date: April 2024 [2nd Batch Release: May 2024]
Price: 4,730 Yen

Release Date: June 2024
Price: $45 USD

Release Date: April 2023
Price: 4,730 Yen

The Destiny Impulse Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny MSV joins the Real Grade GunPla series. The kit shares the same molds with the RG 1/144 Impulse Gundam, provided with newly molded parts for its Destiny Silhouette set.

Enhanced Color Scheme with Molded Colors: The Destiny Impulse's outstanding appearance, defined by its reddish-purple and white color scheme, is authentically reproduced with molded colors. This results in a more accurate match to the original illustration, increasing the model's visual appeal.

Newly Modeled Destiny Silhouette: This model's outstanding feature is the Destiny Silhouette, a massive back precisely reconstructed using modern modeling techniques. This modification enhances both the appearance and the authenticity of the model.

Innovative Armaments: The Destiny Impulse is fully equipped with new parts. This incorporates the flash edge beam boomerangs on its arms as well as the telescopic barrel extended beam turrets. These beam weapons, which are mounted on backpack arms, may expand to simulate dynamic shooting positions. These guns are unique to the RG line in that they may be disconnected and held by the model.

Excalibur Laser Anti-Ship Sword: The Excalibur, a laser anti-ship sword, can be attached to the backpack. Its mounting base is designed for flexible movement, allowing for a variety of dynamic poses.

Compatibility with Wings of Light Effect pieces: For more flair, the model can be used with the "Wings of Light" effect pieces for the RG 1/144 Destiny Gundam. However, it is vital to note that these components are not included with the Destiny Impulse model.

Original Water Slide Decal: The kit includes a uniquely designed water transfer decal, which allows builders to add detailed details and personal touches to the Destiny Impulse body.

Assortment of Weapons: The model comes outfitted with a variety of weaponry, including the Destiny Silhouette set, beam rifle, beam boomerang, and beam shield, which all improve its battlefield preparedness and display options.

Destiny Impulse is a variation of ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam that combines the Force, Sword, and Blast Silhouette Packs, allowing it to handle a variety of scenarios with a single set of equipment. Thus, it can be considered ZAFT's version of the GAT-X105+P202QX Strike Gundam IWSP and/or GAT-X105+AQM/E-YM1 Perfect Strike Gundam. Destiny Impulse features the θ Destiny Silhouette, a high-mobility propulsion system, two MMI-710 "Excalibur" anti-ship laser swords (similar to those used on the Sword Silhouette), and two telescopic barrel beam guns. Furthermore, two "Flash Edge" beam boomerangs and two beam shield generators have been added to the base Impulse Gundam. These devices are situated on the suit's forearms. The original modular architecture of Destiny Impulse is still present, however it can no longer utilize other Silhouette packs because of changes made to the MS.

Although four units are made, examination of the test data reveals that creating a new MS from the ground up instead of starting with Impulse Gundam will result in better performance. The creation of ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam follows from this. One flaw in the design is that the Impulse's body, which already has structural issues because of the Core Splendor, is subjected to additional structural stress from the numerous weaponry. Due to the large range of beam weaponry and their significant power consumption, the suit has to transfer 2-3 deuterion energy beams on average per sortie. To exacerbate the situation, the energy transfer mechanism cannot be employed too frequently in combat because the incoming beam stresses the machine's structure more. Even with its great performance, the Destiny Impulse might not be able to fully maximize its potential because of these issues. Even so, there are records of the suit being utilized in combat activities, and it is still deemed battle ready.


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  1. look! and when I thought my hope was all gone!!! here it is!!!

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