P-Bandai: RG 1/144 Sword Impulse Gundam [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: RG 1/144 Sword Impulse Gundam [REISSUE]
Release Date: June 2024 (2nd Batch Release: July 2024)
Price: 3,850 Yen

Release Date: November 2020
Price: 3,850 Yen

The Sword Silhouette is an entirely new model, built primarily for close combat. It is replicated with the extraordinary density and detail that RG models are known for. The color coding and fine details of each weapon are meticulously made, representing the exceptional quality of RG model kits.

The model contains the Flash Edge Beam Boomerang, a revolutionary weapon that produces both huge and small beam effects when the two blades are separated. This feature improves the model's visual attractiveness while also increasing its playability and presentation options.

Furthermore, the Excalibur anti-ship laser sword, a major weapon in the Sword Impulse Gundam arsenal, not only connects to its hilt but also has a visible beam blade effect. This attention to detail guarantees that the model accurately represents the Gundam's power and versatility.

Silhouette Flyer: Enhanced Display and Functionality

The Silhouette Flyer provides an additional layer of display and functionality. This component can be outfitted with the sword silhouette, resulting in a dynamic display that demonstrates the Gundam's complete combat capability. The ability to incorporate the Silhouette Flyer into the model demonstrates the smart design and engineering behind this RG release.

Authenticity of Color and Design

The Sword Impulse Gundam's characteristic red-based coloring is replicated using molded hues, ensuring that the model is authentic to the original design seen in the Gundam series. This dedication to accuracy extends to the freshly designed realistic decals included with the model. These decals include specification symbols and numbering, adding an extra layer of detail and customization.

Comprehensive Armament
The model kit is more than simply aesthetically pleasing; it comes fully equipped with a variety of weaponry. These include the Sword Silhouette, High Energy Beam Rifle, Shield, and Folding Razor Anti-Armour Knife. Each weapon is meticulously detailed and practical, allowing modelers to recreate a variety of action-packed settings.



  1. Welp, we all saw this coming. Here's hoping they do a Destiny Impulse and / or a Destiny Impulse R too. (Wouldn't say no to a Chaos / Abyss / Gaia RG Impulse either)

  2. everything about this is so good! Bit disappointed in the not so 'vigorous' effects for the excalibers but dam the swords themslves look great

  3. Now this is way more better than HGAC Sword Impulse Gundam.I really like that Anti-Ship Laser Sword and Beam Boomerang handle is wasn't a sticker to make looks perfect.But i can wait to see RG Blast Impulse Gundam are coming at 2021.

  4. Isn't there suppose to be another effect part for the Excalibur that goes over the tip just like the MG counter part? The included one looks like two conjoined beam saber effect.

    1. That effect isn't actually part of the Excalibur, it only has the beam in the middle and a physical blade on the tip like the Strike/Destiny. It was a redesign for the MG and that was the only instance of it being depicted in merchandise.

  5. Another P Bandai, sigh.

    It's become so difficult getting those especially after genteikit hiatus.

  6. RG Burning God Gundam or RG Wing Zero (non EW Version) when???? Sometime soon please Bandai... some of the old glory boys need into the RG line

  7. Now THAT is unfair, for the same amount of money (in Europe ~60€) or less, someone can get the normal MG version which holds up very well to date. Of course it was obvious that there would be variations, but still this makes me angry Bandai!

  8. Will this be available in the US? I only saw a listing for Singapore.

  9. I have nothing against RG's but give me a MG X23S Saviour

  10. Is a RG Freedom gundam or MG Freedom gundam 2.0 better? Im having some trouble choosing

  11. If they only sold the accessories of the rg sword impuse it would be great

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