P-Bandai: HG 1/144 RGM-79 GM [Moroccan Front] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HG 1/144 RGM-79 GM [Moroccan Front]
Release Date: June 2023 [2nd Batch Release: January 2024]
Price: 2,200 Yen

Pre-orders have opened for the HG 1/144 GM (Morrocan Front), which features both early type and shoulder cannons, molded in gray and orange color scheme.

The kit joins the Mobile Suit Discovery [MSD] Gunpla series. 

A prototype model of RGM-79 GM with shoulder cannon equipped from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island film was on display at the Gundam Next Future -TOKYO BASE- exhibition on September 29th, 2022, suggesting that the kit was in planninh stage.

The color scheme was also based on its orange color scheme that was seen during the conflict in Casablanca, Morocco, in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island film.

In addition, the prototype model was on display along with a group of the HG 1/144 High Mobility (Surface Type) Zaku [Southern Cross Corps] which is already slated for release via Premium Bandai.


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  1. The Origin GM FINALLY gets it's time to shine.

    Hopefully we'll get the Missile Pod version down the line, and then we'll at long last have our perfect Origin basic GM after all these years!

    1. Yes! We can finally have what we wanted for so long! Especially since they have not made a revive version of the gunpla. This will be the closest thing we will ever get to it. At least in lore they have the core block system.

  2. ANOTHER P-Bandai kit.... Bandai sure does hate international customers aye? Pretty much impossible to get anything P-Bandai in Australia without paying 3x retail.

  3. Not a fan of the origin "early type" look. Clashes way too much with the MSD designs which are just updated MSV. Would've been nice if they did what they did with the Origin Gundam and included parts to make it a "production type". Then again Bandai seems to hate anything GM until recently. Still not MG GMIII or any kind of Aqua GM. Hell an updated revive GM, GMII and GM III HGUC would've been really cool too.

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