Bandai Partners with Ashley Wood's Underverse "SQUARE" to Release a Series Models in Mainland China

Famous comic book artist, Ashley Wood has recently announced his love for Gundam, specifically for the Mobile Pod Ball, and Haro during his Underverse company's partnership with Bandai Namco Group. In this collaboration, items between "UNDERVERSE" and "Mobile Suit Gundam" will be on sale in Mainland China starting June 30th to July 1st, 2022.

The items are personally designed by Ashley Wood himself, and is added to his SQUARE series collection. 

The Ball x Square (World War Robot) will be sold for 799 Chinese Yuan or about $119 USD while the Haro x Square will be sold for 79 Yuan each or about $12 USD. All items are in limited production and exclusive only in China.

Haro x Square (total 9 in collection - 2 are secret designs)

Words from the designer
I have a secret, well it’s not a secret really, but my favourite character in Gundam is Haro, the idea of Haro is too cool – a personal assistant, a buddy that has been consistently part of the Gundam story. The wonderful simple design conceals the complexity of Haro’s look, so simple yet so expressive and beguiling. When the chance came about to combine the wonderful Haro with my WWR Square it was a marriage in Robot Heaven! I can’t express how much I dig the resulting amalgamation, it seems natural and hopefully the design could sit in any world or universe! 

It goes without saying that I have an enduring love for Gundam, from the beginning through its many evolutions, it’s certainly a joy to be able to play in the Gundam universe! My admiration goes  to the many amazing artists and writers  that have brought these stories to life!!! 


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