Bandai Goes Green with its two Latest Eco-Friendly Technologies

As part of the GunPla Recycling Project and an environmental friendly initiative, Bandai Spirits is introducing two new power measures that aims of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power usage at the Bandai Hobby Center where they produce all plastic models.

The amount of electricity consumed by the Bandai Hobby Center is about 3.42 million kWh annually, or approximately 1,690t-CO2 in terms of CO2 from its results of fiscal year 2021. 

The first new power measure to be introduced is the carbon offset initiative, which signed a "Zero Emi Plan" contract with Urban Energy Co., Ltd. in June of 2022. From July, they will be purchasing an electricity that uses renewable energy that uses a non-fossil certificate with tracking through Urban Energy Co., Ltd., and use electricity with virtually zero CO2 emissions.

The second source of power will come from solar power generation. Back in May 2022, Bandai Spirits have reached an agreement with afterFIT Co., LTD. for the PPA business (Power Purchase Agreement). A solar panel purchased from afterFIT Co., Ltd., with an output capacity of 220 kWh will be installed on the rooftop of the Bandai Hobby Center with a construction completion in December 2022, and electricity usage at the Bandai Hobby Center is scheduled to begin as early as January 2023, with an annual electricity self-sufficiency plan of approximately 260,000 kWh - which is just 7% of the FY2021 kWh report!

BANDAI NAMCO Group has also announced the establishment of a "Sustainability Policy" and has set a medium to long-term goal to have virtually zero CO2 emissions from energy sources at its facilities by 2050 as part of their initiative for decarbonization.

The Bandai Hobby Center building was completed in 2006 in Naganuma, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, as a production base for BANDAI SPIRITS plastic models. From the time of completion, 324 solar panels have been installed on the wall of the main building to use the power generated by solar power, and a rainwater / groundwater recycling system has also been installed to reuse water to be used the facility.

The two new power measures introduced will be used in parallel with the existing solar panel systems. As for the efforts to reduce the environmental load, Bandai Spirits have reduced the number of runners by revising the plastic model design, and used a "4-color injection molding machine (multicolor molding machine)" to make a part of the outer frame runner. By doing so, they will be able to save their main resources and save the environment.

The company also promotes the "GunPla Recycling Project," which aims to recycle runners collected from the consumers and plastic model fans of Japan, and contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society, and the use of alternative plastic materials.

The Bandai Hobby Center will pursue the evolution of plastic model technology and continue its environmentally friendly efforts for the years to come.


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