Mafty and EFF Collaborative Jackets Launches In Premium Bandai

Experience military fashion like you’re living in one of the Gundam universes.

The 1959 military clothing brand ALPHA INDUSTRIES collaborates with STRICT-G to release a set of their Light MA-1 Natus Flight and M-65 jackets that features Mobile Suit Gundam designs.

The collaboration showcases emblems and logo patches inspired from the recently released Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash anime movie. The collection is lined up with two variations that features Mafty and Earth Federation Forces [E.F.F.] colorways from the said movie. See images below.


The Mafty version is presented in a high-quality navy-blue fabric, combined with orange inner lining that is made with soft material that gives its wearer comfort especially in a cold weather.
The E.F.F version is a light brown jacket with navy blue inner lining which is provided with the same level of comfort. Both jackets are also featured with removable hoods with the help of a zipper.

“The MA-1 originated as the successor to the A-2 flight jacket in 1945. This LIGHT MA-1 jacket is based on the L-2B flight jacket (the lightweight, all-season variant of the MA-1) and is basically a normal MA-1 jacket with all the padding removed.”

Both colorways are also available in their M-65 jacket which features a different set of accents compare to the MA-1 version. See images below.


I would like to thank Premium Bandai USA for sending us not just one, but two of their collaborative military jackets!


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