Bandai Spirits to Expand GunPla Production with new Factory

The Bandai Hobby Division announces that Bandai Spirits has decided to build a new Bandai Hobby Center factory to accommodate the demands of the growing business of plastic models not only in Japan, but to the entire world!

On April 28th, 2022, the new project has acquired a land with an approximate 4,506 tsubo (14900 m²) of property adjacent to the existing Bandai Hobby Center for the new factory that will start operating sometime in 2024.

The Bandai Hobby Center is also making efforts to improve its production for all of its products, mainly GunPla, to extend its services even better across the globe. They've also started to collaborate with their partner companies to fulfill the demands of their products and not disappoint their fans with the delays of release and shortage in production.

Bandai Hobby Center is a facility and factory dedicated to planning and creating various Bandai Hobby related toys and hobby products. 

On their recent GunPla Recycling Project, Bandai Hobby has also declared that they are to keep producing pollution-free products in the factory that is friendly to the global environment.

Bandai, now known as Bandai Spirits has started producing plastic models in 1969 in the original Shimizu City, Shizuoka factory and welcomed Gundam Plastic (GunPla) models in the business in 1980. Celebrating GunPla's 40th anniversary in 2020, the company has produced over 4,500 types of Gundam model kits not only catered to Japan, but to overseas as well.

"Our vision at is to be the premier online destination for Gundam and GunPla enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive community where hobbyists of all skill levels can connect, share, and grow. By offering a platform for sharing tips, techniques, and creative builds, we strive to celebrate the artistry and innovation inherent in GunPla building. Our commitment is to provide a space that not only showcases the world’s greatest hobby but also inspires and supports the next generation of modelers in their GunPla journey."



  1. That's great news! Hopefully we won't see a price bump to help pay for the new facility?

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