Custom Build: MG 1/100 Custom RX-93-v [bws] - Nu Gundam Barbatos Weapons System

MODELER: GundamerPat
Custom RX-93-v [bws] - Nu Gundam Barbatos Weapons System
MODIFICATION TYPE: custom paint job, pla-plating, kitbash, custom panel line
KITS USED: MG 1/100 Nu Gundam ver Ka, MG 1/100 Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka, 1/100 Altron Gundam, 1/100 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex, MG 1/100 Providence Gundam
SHORT MESSAGE ABOUT THE KIT: (optional): Over six months in the making, the Nu Gundam Barbatos is meant to explore the idea of a Barbatos Gundam in the UC world. But instead of the Alaya Vijnana system, it uses Psychoframe technology and funnels.

Model's back story

In UC0088, a popular show called "Metallic Lost Children" dominated Earth Sphere largely because of the impressive giant robots that it featured. One of these robots left a lasting impression on a future Anaheim Electronics mobile suit designer. His name was Alaya Vijnana.

Fast forward to UC0093, after witnessing the power of the RX-93 Nu Gundam, Earth Federation Space Force launched a program with Anaheim Electronics in order to develop the next generation of Newtype mobile suits that mimicked the power of the Nu Gundam. Vijnana was a lead designer of one of many teams that participated and their entry was the formidable RX-93-v [BWS] Barbatos Weapons System.

Much like the animation that it was inspired, the Nu Barbatos relied heavily on melee based weapons such as its arm-mounted katana and its mega buster sword. True to its Nu Gundam base design, it was also armed with 4 funnels called "buster funnels", which were designed to pommel or slice its targets. The funnels were the first of its kind because it would be the first funnels not designed to fire high energy beam particles. So to make up for this apparent disadvantage in a ranged fight, the buster funnels were equipped with powerful engines to achieve superior speeds and were armed with an i-Field generator. The Nu Barbatos was also armed with what appeared to be a 5th buster funnel but was attached to a tail that acted largely as a close quarters melee support while the other four were deployed. Additionally, the NU Barbatos also had a redesigned mega particle cannon that can be attached on to its forearm, 2 beam sabers, head mounted vulcans, and powerful hands that can rip through the thickest of armors.

Only one prototype was ever made and it matched the performance of the Nu Gundam as intended. It also proved to be superior in most of its melee test skirmishes. But despite this, the Nu Barbatos never became a standard especially that research was eventually halted by Anaheim Electronics in favor of other mobile suit programs. With the end of the program, the prototype of the Nu Barbatos was ordered to be stored in a secret military storage facility and it remains there intact to this day.

Full Armament List:
1x Mega Buster Sword
1x Arm Mounted Katana
1x Mega Particle Cannon
2x Arm Hidden Beam Sabers
1x Head Mounted Vulcans
4x Buster Funnels
1x Tail Mounted Buster Funnel



  1. A bit busy in terms of panel detailing, but still a nice concept. I approve.

  2. light gray on white would had been easier on the eyes... or a black background

  3. Panel lines are too dark and thick bit good concept.

  4. Im starting to think that weird forearm mounted katana is actually useless and only used for display. In every build ive seen equipped with those, none of them shows a photo of the katana used or even drawn out.

  5. i dont like how its always looking down with no proper head movement it seems

  6. Looks fantastic, detail is great! I love the back story as well.

  7. The wife took one look at it and said "I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE"

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