P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 Varguil [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 Varguil [REISSUE]
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 2,750 Yen

Release Date: April 2020
Price: 2,750 Yen

Fans of the manga series "Mobile Suit MOON Gundam" will be excited to learn that Varguil, the Moon Gundam prototype mobile suit, has been released into the High Grade (HG) series. With this action, a key figure from the manga is brought to life, giving enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to acquire a piece of Gundam history.

Using precise modeling, the Varguil's distinctive mobile suit form—which includes its funnel, container, and head—makes it stand out. This model's deft utilization of shared molds from the already well-liked HGUC 1/144 Moon Gundam, which effectively combines the new and the familiar, is what elevates it above the ordinary.

Unique Features and Genuine Reproduction Head: The Varguil's head, which is distinguished by its mono-eye and meticulously recreated using new modeling, captures the spirit of the prototype's design.

Backpack: Varguil, like Sazabi, has three funnel storage areas on each side; the backpack is an engineering wonder in and of itself. It also includes a propellant tank, which has been carefully redesigned using new modeling techniques to faithfully reflect the delicate intricacies of the original design.

Body Coloring: Using molding color, the Varguil's characteristic purple coloring is faithfully simulated, guaranteeing that the model resembles its manga version as closely as possible.

Arsenal of Weapons
The Varguil is not just about looks; it's also equipped for battle:

Funnels: Six funnels that eject from the backpack are included, each meticulously modeled to reflect the manga's design.

Butterfly Edge: This combat weapon, attached to the aircraft's arm, adds to the Varguil's formidable appearance and capabilities.

Beam Tomahawk and Beam Rifle: These classic Gundam weapons complete the Varguil's armory, allowing for a variety of dynamic poses and scenarios.

Enhanced Realism with Marking Stickers

To further enhance its authenticity and appeal, the Varguil comes with marking stickers. These stickers replicate the marks found in various places on the mobile suit in the manga, adding to the model's detail and realism.



  1. Darn it. Moon is such a darn masterpiece of an HG kit (it's probably the best HG currently out there?) I can't help but want the variation too. You got me Bandai.

  2. Dank! Smoking hot! Finally released.....I 've been waiting for more than an year!!

  3. how did they pull off THAT magic with the funnels???

  4. It's hard to remember the days of normal releases. In the year 20XX there will only be P-Bandai

  5. I wanted this a lot more than the Moon, too bad it's P-Bandai...

  6. Now that Varguil is made, when's HGUC Psycho Gundam MK-4 G-Doors Bandai?

  7. If only it came with the long riffle that they released in that one months issue of the magazine way back when RG sazabi was releasing.

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