P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 Johnny Ridden's Gelgoog [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 Johnny Ridden's Gelgoog [REISSUE]
Release Date: May 2024
Price: 2,200 Yen

Release Date: September 2018
Price: 2,160 Yen

The "Mobile Suit Gundam MSV" series includes a high-octane addition to its HG (High Grade) line: the Gelgoog, dedicated to the famed ace pilot Johnny Ridden, also known as the "Crimson Lightning." This release brings to life the high-mobility Gelgoog suit, which fans have loved for its speed, agility, and the pilot's frightening reputation.

A faithful recreation of Johnny Ridden's Gelgoog.

Iconic Red Color: The Gelgoog's red color, which gained it the nickname "Crimson Lightning," is perfectly replicated in the molding color, creating an authentic and visually appealing appearance.

Characteristic B-Type Backpack: The high-mobility type Gelgoog's distinctive B-shaped backpack is one of its most notable features. This element was extensively built using fresh modeling, demonstrating the model's attention to detail.

Revolutionary Rocket Launcher and Armament

The rocket launcher, which is an integral component of this model, has been newly modeled. It has a flexible grip component that allows the Gelgoog to hold it in both hands for dynamic and stunning poses.

Common Weapons: In addition to the rocket launcher, the model comes with Gelgoog's usual armaments, which include a beam rifle, beam naginata, and shield, allowing for a full fighting setup.

Improved Realism with New Marking Stickers

The model contains newly designed marking stickers with the Principality of Zeon army mark and Johnny Ridden's personal mark. These stickers provide an additional degree of detail and authenticity, allowing fans to accurately duplicate the classic look of the "Crimson Lightning."

The release of Johnny Ridden's high-mobility type Gelgoog in the HG series commemorates one of the most legendary mobile suits in the "Gundam" universe. This model pays tribute to the "Crimson Lightning" with its accurate color reproduction, complex backpack modeling, unique rocket launcher, and extensive weapons. Whether for exhibition or re-enacting legendary battles, this model is a must-have for Gundam aficionados and collectors, allowing them to hold a piece of the Gundam legacy.



  1. I feel like this kit already exists unless this is a slightly different version.
    Either that or i'm confusing it with his Zaku HMT.

  2. i know this one is 2006 char's gelgoog with recolor, new sticker, backpack + launcher & i'll still going to buy it

  3. You know the backpack's going to be molded in one color (like on the HGUC Gelgoog Cannon).

    At least the miniaturized bazooka looks great!

  4. Finally! A Gelgoog High Maneuver type. How long has it been since the HGUC Gelgoog/Gelgoog Cannon came out? About damned time. Definitely gonna get this one. The Shin Matsunaga Jager type is nice and all, but i'll pass to get this one.

  5. No, this is MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type Johnny Riden custom

  6. @luke: Nope no Johnny ridden gelgoog in hg.

  7. It's not a bad kit but it's articulation is so limited, i was hopping for a revive gelgoog.

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