P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 Doug Schneid's Efreet [REISSUE] - Release Info

P-Bandai: HGUC 1/144 Doug Schneid's Efreet [USA REISSUE]
Release Date: July 2024
Price: $26 USD

Release Date: March 2020
Price: 2,640 Yen

Premium Bandai has recently unveiled an intriguing new addition to its High Grade Universal Century model kit line: Doug Schneid's Efreet from the popular Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories series. This latest release demonstrates the Gundam franchise's continued popularity and enormous universe.

The model kit, which features the characteristic purple unit colors of Doug Schneid's Efreet, is a must-have for every Gundam fan. It was first introduced to fans in the Super Famicom video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079, and then in PlayStation 3 video game Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link, where it captivated players' minds with its unusual design and interesting storyline.

Doug Schneid's Efreet, the 21st entry in the ACE Pilot Log kit series, builds on the success of the Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Story model kit project, which was praised for producing high-quality, detailed reproductions of the series' most recognizable mobile suits.

This model kit comes with a variety of accessories that enhance its appeal and playability:

The Heat Lancer, a hallmark weapon of Doug Schneid's Efreet, has been meticulously reconstructed to match its intimidating appearance in the series.
Three consecutive 35mm Gatling guns offer firepower and detail.
A shotgun completes the armament, allowing fans to reenact their favorite battle scenarios.

The High Grade Universal Century line is recognized for its design precision and adherence to the elaborate mobile suits featured in the Gundam series. These kits are intended to be accessible to both new and experienced modelers, with parts that are simple to build while providing a pleasing degree of complexity and detail.

Doug Schneid's Efreet, with its striking purple color scheme and formidable weaponry, is more than just a model kit; it represents a piece of the Gundam universe's rich history and continuing storyline. Its arrival is greatly anticipated by the Gundam community, promising hours of construction fun and a spectacular display piece when finished.

Zeon's Earth Attack Forces independently developed this prototype ground mobile suit. The Efreet, as indicated by its model number, is positioned between the MS-07 Gouf and MS-09 Dom. Like the Gouf, it specializes in close combat, but unlike the Gouf, which is more of a technical fighter, the Efreet is more of a power fighter, emphasizing its high thrust and output. Furthermore, the Gouf stressed fixed armament, whereas the Efreet employs specially designed portable guns.

It had one of the most powerful close combat capabilities of any ground-based MS in Zeon, and its thrust exceeded even that of the MS-14 Gelgoog. However, production was halted after eight units were finished due to the Zeon military's highest echelons emphasizing the development of space-use MS, as well as its poor operability and manufacturing issues. Despite the tiny number of units produced, there was a significant design margin and various modifications.



  1. Dropping four desireable P-Bandai kits on us at once isn't fair Bandai!

  2. Aww, this guy is a MONSTER in Battle Operation 2! (Free to play on PSN RIGHT NOW!!! No PS-Plus required!)

    1. He's also a monster in SD Gundam G Generation Genesis

    2. I don't play SD games so i'll take your word for it. :P

  3. Aw man, I thought the axe blade would be a clear piece. Ah well, it still looks awesome.

  4. " 21st entry to the ACE Pilot Log kit series" Who're the other 20?
    And that lance blade better be a seperate piece!
    I wonder if we'll get the High Speed Experiment Type Dom..?
    It uses the same lance weapon so it's not out of the question.

  5. The heat blade is gonna be a sticker, isn't it?

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