Video Clip Shows How Bandai Makes the METAL BUILD Figure Series!

Bandai Official Youtube channel features a video clip showing the processes on how they plan and make each Metal Build figures before it goes out to the market!

Metal Build series is known for its high quality and precise detailed die-cast framed figures. Even though they are non-scale figures, they do share the same height with their Master Grade 1/100 counterparts, specially with Gundam series. 

The designs they make are mostly from the Mobile Suit Gundam series, and followed by smaller franchises like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Panic, and Mazinger Z.

In the video, they show how they make each models! Each plan is composed of at least 500 parts that the designer and engineers would dissect and separate which parts gets each own materials.

Metal Build consists of at least 4 different materials...

1. Metal Build will not hold its title without its main component, die-cast. This material plays a huge role in the MB series figures, because it basically act as its main framing, giving the figure sharp looking edges, and durability!

2. POM [Polyoxymethylene] or the most common plastic used by MB designers to give such figure that requires high stability and low friction. This material is also commonly used in joint parts and connectors of a Metal Build figure.

3. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) which gives the model a lighter but durable plastic. PVC is commonly used for its smaller jointed parts, like manipulators (hands), smaller leg joints, and pistons. This material provides flexibility to the model.

4. ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is another common plastic material used in MB figures, in this case the designers uses the ABS plastic to provide the mech's armor pieces with gloss finish, also giving it a thicker armor for durability but light in weight. 


The figure goes through about 400 assembly process, from vivid part inspections, polishing, material separations, and snap test to make sure everything will produce a high quality product! Metal Build commits to its standard for being one of the best, a true gem for all collectors!


To paint each model, it takes about 800 coloring processes, including color choices for each parts. Even the tiniest mixes in paint will be done specially in metallic, and color variations. The die cast parts will be electroplated to give it a more durable color that doesn't fade at all - it also gives the metal parts shine and heavy look.

Decals are printed on some parts using "pad printing device" to provide the figure a precise and delicate markings.

Going to all these process, takes the model to another level of quality!

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