Painted Build: HG 1/144 High Mobility Prototype Zaku [Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD]

MODIFICATION TYPE: weathering, custom paint job
KIT USED: HG 1/144 High Mobility Prototype Zaku [Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD]

I've been hunting this kit down since I missed the first pre-order batch from the P-Bandai. But thankfully, Big Bad Toy Store came to the rescue and provided me a kit of this amazing High Mobility Prototype Zaku from the Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD.

The design is a bit odd, but I really like it for some reason. I also like that Bandai provided a new mold for its feet to separate its design a little bit to the Prototype Dom that they released back in  2017.

The decals, is of course the main reason why I love Gundam The Origin kits besides its amazing articulation.

I enjoyed weathering the kit with some flat Tamiya paints. Oh, how I missed building GunPla after long hours of work!

For a high grade model kit, this High Mobility Zaku is a good addition to my GTO collection. I just wish they release more even after the OVA series ends.

I am looking forward to line them up once I finished every projects that I have on my hand. I am still working on some Real Grade variations for my Astray and HM Zaku. Juggling between GunPla and my day job is a bit tough plus updating the website after hours is kind of hindering me to build more kits, but it feels really nice every time I get one done to subtract from my backlogs.

What do you think? Do you like the GUNDAM THE ORIGIN kits too? What's your favorite one so far?

Proud of the weathering effects done on its legs!

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  1. Ain't this the same Zaku High Mobility Test Type from 08th MS Team? I'm completely missed the news about this kit. But again it is a P-Bandai urgh.

    Still can easily make it by kitbash HG Zaku II Origin + Prototype Dom