Anime Director Yasuhiko Open to the Idea of Remaking Gundam 0079

Gundam character illustrator and anime director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko stated in his recent interview with the Daily Sports newspaper on August 13, 2017 that he is open to the idea of remaking the original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 anime series.

He got asked if they would be willing to continue the prequel Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin anime series to its sequel One-Year War series. Yasuhiko replied that he'd be lying if he said he wouldn't do it. Though the length of the story is no joke! and the staff feels the same way about it.

Daily Sports also reported that there is a "big project" or projects on going to commemorate the Mobile Suit Gundam's 40th anniversary in 2019, but did not clarify if the project is going to be the remake of the 0079 series.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork


  1. if what i think recommand live action film like G-Saviour(past years ago) better plan hope in next anniversary soon.

  2. It would be really hard to change the course during 1 year war cause it's just too short amount of time. The Zabi family is destined to go down due to how reckless their attack, but it will be good stepping stone for the creation of Totalitarian state. Lets have Fed become Galatic empire :d.

  3. I thought this was coming, already. I feel like it was the next logical step after the whole Casval/Artesia Origin thing. I've read all of The Origin, books and I really like what Yasuhiko did with it. I think if they continue with the OVA format releases, with really high quality animation, it would be great. My hope is that the original voice cast keeps on living to do it. We already lost our Captain Bright, with Hirotaka Suzuoki passing away. Shūichi Ikeda needs to be our Char and Tōru Furuya as our Amuro. I mean, I always thought this Gundam Rising Clip was a test/teaser for it:

  4. I would be down for this. While I do like the original series and the accompanying trilogy movies, I've always felt that their dated animation hinders them from being enjoyed by newcomers. Believe me, I've tried introducing people to Gundam with the either the original series or the compilation movies and success rate has been low (1 out of 5 people got into Gundam thanks to those). If they can apply modern art and animation techniques to the timeless story, then you have a recipe for an instant success.

  5. It's obvious since Origin series has aired, that they want to remake 0079 for commemorating Gundam 40th anniversary

  6. If they remake 0079, what i just want is Amuro will use G3 as his upgrade suit.