Wing Gundam Zero Neo Bird Mode [Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Glory of Losers]

Wing Gundam Zero Neo Bird Mode

This version of Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW was first seen in Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: Glory of Losers! It has the shield provided from its previous model Wing Gundam Proto Zero that can be installed on its backpack while gliding in its Neo Bird mode.

GunPla notes: 
  • The HiRM Wing Gundam Zero EW is the first kit that has the same properties of this version.
  • Some of the details drawn in the manga version shares the same design with its Real Grade model kit.

Manga image shots by @urusai_zs

Here's a build from Model Legend. Kit bash of MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW, and MG 1/100 Wing Gundam EW.


  1. Is Gundam Wing Endless: Waltz Glory of Losers a new anime? When does it come out? This Wing Zero Custom looks so weird! Are the designers on drugs?

    1. its a manga that retells gundam wing that fixes alot of plot issues and inconsistency's that happened due to show running issues back in the day. good retelling would check it out if you have the cash its being released in English right now.

    2. What are the issues that made by old Gundam Wing series?

  2. Who felt it was absolutely necessary to give Wing Zero ew a neo bird mode

  3. OMG... my brain hurts with this design. We ALL know Wing Zero Custom was strong enough to propel itself through the air by flapping it's angel wings like well... an ANGEL. To sit there and go back, giving it a bird mode like the first two designs... ugh. It took away the unique look to Wing Zero Custom and the reason we loved the "gay Gundam dash" in the first place. It could do all of this and more without the use of a bird mode.

    It's times like this that although I LOVE the artwork in GoL, the story fails on so many levels to me and while I have been a fan of all the GW Ver Ka Gunpla... I can't wrap my brain around this anymore. Sumisawa... you failed us all.