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Next MG Ver. Ka Poll Results Are Out has posted the final result for their poll, "which Gundam would you like to see in Ver. Ka after MG HWS?".

ZZ Gundam got 38.2 % of 9,878 voters.

The result may affect the next Ver. Ka in 2017. We will see the official news as Bandai collaborates with Mr. Katoki Hajime once again!


  1. Aaanddd bandai will release MG g-self ver ka instead of this because they like to do that to their what they did to gundam blanche

  2. Bandai really needs to do 2.0/new kits for the G Gundam series.
    Even though the MG Age series is supposedly canceled, I hope they at least finish them up even if most of them are done through Premium Bandai. Like how about doing just the MG Age FX and Age 3 Normal as a normal release since those had prototypes shown off and then do the Age-1 Full Glansa, Age 3 Orbital, Age 3 Fortress, and Age FX as P-Bandai kits? Double X doesn't need a Ver. Ka since it already has a Master Grade release. So how about a MG release for X Divider? Destiny just needs a 2.0 release along with Strike Freedom, the Impulse units, and Infinite Justice. Saviour and Justice need a release. G-Self is a no. MG 00 Raiser is good enough. If any thing, they should just do a Ver. Ka release for Z, ZZ, and Turn A since those all use an old style mold and like the Nu and Hi Nu, a Ver. Ka would be the next best thing next to a 2.0/3.0 release. Hopefully they can fix the transformation. I'm surprised no one asked for a Ver. Ka release of the Alex since that and the Kampfer along with the 08th MS Team MGs need a new release and a Ver. Ka release would be a nice alternative. Maybe also a Ver. Ka release for the F91 and the Harrison variant.

    1. Suiton, you're really obsessed with your completion BS, don't you?