Tutorial: RG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

Hi guys! we've got a lot of messages on how to make the RG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam. So, here is a tutorial to help you guys make one!

Tutorial: RG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

First of all, you will need...
  • HG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam
  • RG 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam
  • RG 1/14 Skygrasper + Sword / Launcher Striker
Ok let's start!

First, cut the marked pegs/ connectors to make some flat surface on the parts. 
Figure on below is from HG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

Figure #1
Tutorial: RG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

After making a flat surface at the bottom part connect the cut G17 part from RG Aile Strike. Make sure you save the connector!

Figure #2
After connecting the modified G17 part to the battery pack, make sure that the parts are glued properly together before putting the Aile Strike boosters.


Next, build the top part of the Aile Striker, but DO NOT connect the wings/flights to G15 and G16 parts for RG 1/144 Aile Strike just yet but instead, take the F1 part from your HG Perfect Strike Gundam and cut the connector from it, then glue it with the RG Aile Striker flights.

After you cut the connector shown above, glue it on the G15 and G16 parts that you have left for the top part of the RG Aile Striker. You may also notice a small peg on the cut F1 part, that can also help provide some durability when maneuvering the flights while connected to RG parts G15 and G16.

***Connect the RG flight to HG flight connector just how it suppose to look like in Perfect Strike form, to give the Sword and Launcher strikers some space when mounted on its back just like the image below.

Tutorial: RG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

After you build the top part of the Aile Striker pack, connect it to the battery pack of HG Perfect Strike Gundam. Make sure that the figure #2 is already connected to Figure #1's bottom marked part before doing so, to avoid problems.

After connecting them, take the connector that you have saved before from cutting the G17 from RG Aile Strike and connect it to the marked peg from Figure # 1 [F12]

Tutorial: RG 1/144 Perfect Strike Gundam

If problems happened while connecting the backpack to RG Strike Gundam, you can always just glue the whole backpack on it.

After all of that, you can start building the RG Sword Striker and Launcher packs! take note that the Sword Striker holster from HG Perfect Strike Gundam is compatible with RG Sword Striker so you can just connect them without modifying them. 

For the RG Launcher Striker connector for the backpack, you should tighten the ball joint from the backpack to make the RG Launcher Striker fit with it. 

To do that, apply some super glue on the HG Perfect Strike [F12] ball joint and wipe it with cotton to make some sludge then let it dry for couple of seconds and see if the RG Launcher Striker extension would fit on it! If not, just apply some more.


Here are some in action photos. I'll upload more later once I fully polished this modified kit.
Thanks for your support!


  1. i still can't get it. can you show me a video.

  2. Done. Thank you for your tutorial!

  3. Well, i want to see skygrasper being with perfect striker

  4. How to put all weapon to the back? I have the 2 the rg aile strike and rg skygrasper.