Review: HG 1/144 Zaku I [Slender/Denim] GUNDAM THE ORIGIN VER.

I did a straight build for this amazing kit! I must say that this is by far the best HG Zaku I kit that I have, in terms of details and articulation, this kit is a must have. Plus, this kit comes with variety of equipment! 

The details are stunning for a High Grade kit, I was enjoying every bit of it while building. Even though there are lots of ugly pegs on the dark parts like its feet and leg joints, you would manage to make it look better by retouching it [duhh]. 

Color separation of this kit is also great, I will hand paint it when I get the time to make it look more detailed. I might separate some blues and greens to emphasise the hatches.

Each photos that you see in this review are unedited, naked pegs are present. I left those in purpose to show you guys some possible sanding that you may do for this kit.

Decals! Will always be my favorite part in building GunPla. Bandai has also provided decal set for Denim and Slender customs, which is great if you are planning to buy two of the kit to add both variations to your collection.

Articulation of this kit is by far the best among other HG kits. I love that it each joints can freely move to perform some dynamic or dramatic poses. It also tells us that the technology of Bandai's model kit are top notch!

The only downside that I could say about this kit is that it didn't come with extra pegs to switch between Slender and Denim's shoulders. You will have to pull out certain pegs to switch the arms for its variations. And yes, I am definitely getting another one of this kit to make the other variant :)

Every bit of this kit is worth every penny you will pay. If you are a detail + articulation lover, this kit is perfect for you!
  • Amazing details
  • Great decals
  • Stunning articulation
  • Variety of equipment
  • No weight issues
  • Joints are easy to move
  • Some ugly nub marks on gray and black parts
  • Have to switch pegs for variation

I just can't wait to get more Gundam The Origin series model kits!

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